Re-wilding with Kendra Ward

Re-wilding with Kendra Ward

In this episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, Kristine and Kendra had a wide-ranging conversation about remembering ourselves as nature embodied in human form.

Kendra and I recorded the session just as the Sun moved into the sign of Virgo, and the energy of the season was very much a part of the conversation. We talked about both why and how to heal the perceived split between human and nature; what ‘re-wilding’ means and how to get started in your life, no matter where you live. Kendra shared her process of awakening to herself as part of nature.

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Kendra is a kindred spirit in breaking free from our colonial conditioning, and unlearning a mechanistic, separation story about humans and nature; body and soul; spirit and matter. As she noted in describing her book, “Throwing Thunder: Awakening the forces of nature in every woman”‘, the living world reflects to us a model of unconditional worthiness. And, one of the worst things we can do is fail to see the ‘livingness’ of everything around us, from water to rocks to wind.

I had the honor of being interviewed on Kendra’s podcast, Woman Who Rubs the Mountain, earlier this year. Have a listen to hear stories of mountain lions and nettles.

May these conversations inspire us all!

About Kendra

Kendra Ward is a nationally certified acupuncturist, with over twenty years of experience as a clinician and teacher. Her work is centered around remembering our deep, inner ecology— the soil, fire, air, water, thunder, and spark — that remind us we are nature embodied in human form. Kendra’s writing has been featured in Yes! Magazine, Nature Evolutionaries, Rebelle Society, Elephant Journal, and elsewhere and last year her first book, Throwing Thunder: Awakening the Forces of Nature in Every Woman, was released.

Kendra hosts the podcast Woman Who Rubs the Mountain, a place for stories of ecological embodiment.

You can find out more about Kendra here:


  1. Dawn Basini says:

    Loved this. Your exchange with Kendra was mesmerizing

    1. kristineeb2013 says:

      Thank you, Dawn! We both think we will have more of these conversations.

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