About Kristine

About Kristine

After nearly three decades in communication and leadership work for public and private organizations, pursuing what has been called the ‘American Dream,’ I left for a sabbatical that became a transformation. 

Over the course of the next seven years – one Saturn cycle – I went from corporate communicator succeeding in a man’s world on men’s terms, to mystic, astrologer and nature healer learning to balance the masculine and feminine, within and without.

Climb the right mountain!

The shift began in my body, first with catching up on the rest foregone during 50-plus hour weeks and the stressful conditions of 25 years of corporate work, then through the rigors of Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in Goa, India. An immediate return trip to India was part pilgrimage and part immersion in Ayurveda, the sister health science to yoga. This immersion included signing up for a month-long  cleansing and healing treatment known as panchakarma. The process facilitated the release of lifetimes of mental and emotional toxins, furthered during the following month at the sacred Arunachala, mountain of fire, and the ashram of Ramana Maharshi.

Kristine in Rishikesh

Back in the States, my journey to replenishment began in the city, but blossomed in the mountains. I came back from India with a recommendation for a truly authentic and compassionate spiritual teacher. Then, a week at a SoulFire retreat initiated my relationship with my own inner wisdom and ended my seeking. I knew – finally – that everything I was looking for is right here within.

I was initiated as an astrologer through a potent dream the night before my first reading with my teacher and mentor, Emily Trinkaus. I have been immersed in this ancient science and art ever since.

I live in Montana, where the trees, plants, bears, birds, lions, sky, sun, moon and planets are my companions, healers, and guides. 

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