Kristine Backes – Soul Guide

In 2014, I woke in the night to the words “Rainbow Warrior” repeating in my head. It felt like a calling.

According to prophesies from many indigenous cultures, Rainbow Warriors of many colors will unite from different corners of the globe at a time when the Earth needs healing. 

These Rainbow Warriors will practice and teach the old ways of living in harmony with the Earth in our modern world: 

They would retrace their steps to find the wisdom that was left by the side of the trail long ago.” Grandfather Commanda, Circle of All Nations

Soul guide, mountain healer, astrologer
Kristine Backes – Soul Guide

The wisdom our modern world left by the side of the trail can be found through astrology, energy healing, and living in rhythm with nature’s cycles.

My Soul’s service is to guide you back to your innate natural wisdom and connection with the Earth and Cosmos through the old ways of listening to, and living with, the world around us: the plants and planets, the trees, the Earth Herself.


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