Astrology for leadership and life

Nature is powerful. So are you.

Align yourself with the cycles of nature and the cosmos, and :

  • Get clear on what you want;
  • Easily make the right decisions for you;
  • Unlock old survival patterns; and
  • Flow with the current instead of struggling against your body, your relationships, and life in general.

Astrology, energy work, and natural wellness are all incredibly powerful tools to support your life – IF they don’t become just another set of ‘shoulds’.

Get support that works for you.

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It’s really good.

As an update, all the work we’ve done so far has shaken loose places where I’ve been stuck. The result has been a lot of taking care of business. It’s really good.

~ Kate E.

I aligned to my own energy

Throughout this experience I shed skins I didn’t realize were weighing me down. I found value in the knowledge shared, value in myself and most importantly, I aligned to my own energy rather than the “shoulds.” The collective “they” is a tricky slope to climb. This course helped me realize, I didn’t even care about climbing.

~ Kassie O.

Took me on a deep dive

I had a beautiful session with Kristine where she took me on a deep dive into my Karma Patterns in my Astrology Chart. Kristine explained what was relevant for me. It was incredible how much of the information she gave me resonated and explained what was going on for me. It felt like a container where I was seen on a deep level, questions answered and I really got to know myself better. Combining it with Compassion Key work helped me clear what was in the way of me embodying my True Nature and Purpose.

– Marieke R.

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