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Are you flourishing?

Do you have the clarity you want around your creative talents and gifts, your purpose?

Are you flowing easily in all areas of your life: health, relationship, prosperity, work?

Hi, I’m Kristine.

I help healers, creatives, entrepreneurs and other sensitive leaders get unstuck, bring your gifts and authentic selves to the world, and flourish. 

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Your birthright includes the ‘four aims of life’: pleasure, prosperity, purpose and the freedom to be your authentic self. You are already whole, complete, and incredibly creative and talented. My work is to help you uncover and embody your self (Self), to go from feeling stuck and confused to easily knowing – and achieving – your desires.

You want to help people, and our beautiful world, with your unique talents. But first you need to come home to your self, your body, and your Soul. Reunite, reconnect, reclaim and re-integrate body, mind and Soul to gain full access to your one-of-a-kind presence and talents, and claim your birthright.

For millennia, we have been taught our Souls – and we ourselves as humans – are separate from Nature. We have been taught the Cosmos is random and mechanical. We have been taught to ignore what we KNOW and FEEL and only trust what we THINK.

That sense of separation keeps us living in our heads, chasing outside answers to inner questions, unable to tap into the natural wisdom all around – and within us.

My unique combination of gifts – ‘medicines’ – helps you heal and integrate body, mind, heart and Soul:
  • Ayurveda, sister science to yoga, is the science of longevity, health, and embodiment. Ayurveda teaches us how align with nature and our own Soul in order to live a long and vital life.
  • Astrology is the science of karma and our connection with universal cycles of life. The astrology chart is a map of your personality, body, purpose, and gifts and offers indispensable guidance for right timing and the unfolding of your life.
  • The Compassion Key, a powerful energy healing modality using self-directed compassion, clears conscious and unconscious patterns of thought, feeling, and belief  that prevent us from living joyful, fulfilled and aligned lives.

I would love to support you to remember the truth of who and what you really are, turn self-doubt into self-trust, live from the inside out and let your life reflect your true nature as an embodiment of joy and purpose.

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If you, too, are passionate about reclaiming your birthright of joy and ease, coming back into harmony with Nature and your Soul, you are in the right place.

Listen to The Natural Wisdom Podcast

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