Message from the Forest

Message from the forest: Give up the struggle! A few weeks ago, I took a short walk in the mountains and ended up on the bank of the creek, sitting on the roots of a big spruce tree. The challenges of the moment were on my mind and I wondered, as I often do, what … Continue reading Message from the Forest

Mother Earth

Love Your Body guided meditation

Our bodies are intelligent creations of nature, equipped with the power to heal and be whole. When we connect deeply to our physical being, with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, we support that healing power. This guided meditation will help you to sense and support your wholeness, and your connection with the Earth herself. All you … Continue reading Love Your Body guided meditation

Aquarius glyph

In the belly of the mother

In the belly of the mother Groundhog Day is right around the corner. In ancient times this holiday was known as Imbolc, meaning ‘in the belly of the mother’. The seeds of life are germinating in her dark belly, waiting for the light of spring.  In the embrace of the mountain The astrologically precise date … Continue reading In the belly of the mother