It’s not personal, with Joel Young

Shift your relationship with fear: A conversation with Joel Young On The Natural Wisdom Podcast I had an enlightening and timely conversation with Joel Young, creator and custodian of Non-Personal Awareness, as we close out the 2023 eclipse season with a volatile combination of energies. Mars, planet of action and assertion faces off with unpredictableContinue reading “It’s not personal, with Joel Young”

Woman who has it all

The woman who has it all Some years ago, I invited a couple of friends for dinner at the family cabin in the mountains. One of the friends, upon arrival, told me he couldn’t figure out what to bring for “the woman who has everything.” Some time later, I posted in a gardening forum thatContinue reading “Woman who has it all”

Power of joy with Belinda

The Power of Joy with guest Belinda Noakes On The Natural Wisdom Podcast Friend and colleague Belinda Noakes joined me for this episode, in which we held forth on joy as a power move; why we sometimes get lost in trying to heal endless trauma; and why it’s so important to design a joyful life.Continue reading “Power of joy with Belinda”

Living in harmony: a conversation with Dr. Kristian Strang

Living in harmony: a conversation with Dr. Kristian Strang On The Natural Wisdom Podcast On the second anniversary of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, Dr. Kristian Strang and I talked about the many paths to uncovering our innate natural wisdom. One subject we came back to several times is the danger of getting stuck in ‘findingContinue reading “Living in harmony: a conversation with Dr. Kristian Strang”

Saturn as catalyst, with Jude Hotep

Saturn as the catalyst: A conversation with Goddess Astrologer Jude Hotep On The Natural Wisdom Podcast The Goddess Astrologer Jude Hotep joined me for a wide-ranging conversation about the return of Divine Feminine energy; healing the split between Soul and body, and more. Jude and I met as presenters at the Aquarian High Council onlineContinue reading “Saturn as catalyst, with Jude Hotep”