Your power is within, on the podcast

Your power is within: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily On The Natural Wisdom Podcast Astrologer Emily Trinkaus joined me again today to talk about topics from the current eclipse season, to relationship astrology (and her upcoming course!) and finding our power within. As always, we had a lively discussion about how to work withContinue reading “Your power is within, on the podcast”

Episode 37 Embodiment: what and how

What is embodiment, really, and how do we do it?? On The Natural Wisdom Podcast This episode was recorded at the Leo Full Moon, 2023, which this year coincides with the cross-quarter holyday of Imbolc/Candlemas. After a short peek at the Full Moon and the Leo/Aquarius polarity, I spent a good portion of this episodeContinue reading “Episode 37 Embodiment: what and how”

Embodiment at the Time of Transition

The Importance of Embodiment at the Time of Transition On The Natural Wisdom Podcast We are in a fascinating time of transition between the ages – Pisces and Aquarius, among others. Learning to become your own authority, and fully embody your Soul, your unique ‘frequency’ will be the key to thriving in the midst ofContinue reading “Embodiment at the Time of Transition”

Aquarius New Moon 2023

New Moon, new age in Aquarius After an introspective close to 2022, we are finally building some forward momentum.  The recent retrograde energies have given us a chance to review the stories that draw and channel our energy, and define our world (and our karma).  The old Moon in Capricorn, sinking towards its union with the Sun at theContinue reading “Aquarius New Moon 2023”