Craving comfort?

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Taurus has me craving comfort. Yesterday I made lasagna, today it was chocolate chip cookies. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and comfort is a primary signification of both, as are any and all sensual pleasures. All earth signs, and particularly this one, have to do with being a human on Earth, with five senses and a physical body.

The Eclipse energy intensifies everything (are you feeling it, too?), so overwhelm is standard fare right now. This Eclipse gives us a taste of themes for 2022, when all four eclipses will be in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. This is the axis of fertility and creation versus death and loss. In the northern hemisphere, we can look to the seasons for the meaning: Taurus (the bull) is the sign at the heart of spring, while Scorpio (the scorpion) comes in the midst of autumn. Taurus is associated with material security, money, agriculture and food (including lasagna and chocolate chip cookies); Scorpio points to subjects that have been sacred in the distant past, but are often considered taboo in modern ‘civilization’: sex and reproduction; death; and loss. 

Power is another theme: authentic power comes from our ability to direct our life force and creativity towards our deepest desires. More shadowy power, and the form most visible in the news, comes from the impulse to control someone or something. The use of money can fit in either category, as money is a form of power in our society.

As a Full Moon, tonight’s Eclipse yields  light after the shadow of the Earth passes across the Moon. This Full Moon is the culmination of the cycle that began with the Scorpio New Moon on November 4th.  This Taurus Full Moon also refers back to the Taurus New Moon of May 11th of this year. And since Eclipses run in cycles, so you can also look back to this date in 2002 for similar themes that may have been active in your life. A quick look back at the news remind us we were in the aftermath of 9/11 and the beginnings of the so-called ‘war on terror’. The financial and accounting system had taken a few hits, too, from corporate scandals such as that with Enron. Money, power, and control all factor in, as do secrets and lies (also indicated by Scorpio).

The planet Uranus has been a major player in each of these lunar events, a sure indicator of volatility and unrest. Uranus has a tense energy, so if you are feeling anxiety and restlessness, you may be sensing this planet’s effects.

Emily Trinkaus and I will be talking about the astro-weather in the next live episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast on Saturday, December 4th. If you are a patron at the $8 tier, please join us! It will be a fun conversation, and we will offer practical tips on how to align your life with the natural forces of the cosmos.

For tonight, I highly recommend giving yourself permission to find a little comfort to calm the Uranian tension, and honor the sensuality of Taurus and Venus, whether it’s through cookies or another pleasure.

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