Cosmic Wisdom at the Solar Eclipse this Saturday

I am very excited about this Saturday’s live episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast! Astrologer Emily Trinkaus and I will be sharing ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ on the astrology of the moment, including Saturday’s total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. While 2020 was the turning point of the age, with some planetary line-ups not seen since the 1200s,Continue reading “Cosmic Wisdom at the Solar Eclipse this Saturday”

Time to begin!

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus were strung across the southeast horizon as I began this post, just before sunrise. The Moon was, then, a tiny silver sliver, an “Old Moon”, ending the Sagittarius cycle begun in early December. Tonight, January 5th, 2019, the New Moon in Capricorn begins a new lunar month; as the firstContinue reading “Time to begin!”

An end to the madness!?

I don’t know about anyone else, but this New Moon in Sagittarius offers me a ray of hope that the madness of the past few weeks, or perhaps months, may finally ease. As much of a cliche as it might be, Mercury retrograde lives up to its annoying reputation in my experience. Website glitches, e-mailsContinue reading “An end to the madness!?”

The beginning of the harvest – and the end of eclipse season

As I sit down to write this post, the Sun has just reached 15 degrees of Leo, the point associated with the ancient celebration of Lammas, or “loaf-mass”. Although in today’s world we look to the Gregorian calendar on the wall to find these holidays, they are actually determined by the position of the Sun.Continue reading “The beginning of the harvest – and the end of eclipse season”

What nourishes you at the Cancer New Moon/ Solar Eclipse

It is (finally) unmistakably summer here in Montana. After a long, cold, snowy winter and cold, wet spring, we are in that period when the days are still long and bright, the flood waters have receded, and Nature seems unstoppable and inexhaustible. As we approach the Caner New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Thursday, theContinue reading “What nourishes you at the Cancer New Moon/ Solar Eclipse”

Come back to your senses: Taurus New Moon

Embodiment. Incarnation. Energy solidifying into form. The newly planted seeds of the Aries cycle now ending are putting roots into the Earth and mass on their new shoots.  The Taurus New Moon initiates a new cycle on Tuesday, May 15th, 5:48 a.m. MDT at 24 degrees Taurus. Just past is the cross-quarter holiday of BeltaneContinue reading “Come back to your senses: Taurus New Moon”

Time to act at the Aries New Moon

In our linear view of time, we point to a particular date on our Gregorian calendar as the beginning of a cycle, in this case the calendar year. Yet in real life – meaning the natural, real world – time moves in cycles with no beginning or end, just a continuous spiral of change. HereContinue reading “Time to act at the Aries New Moon”