Cosmic Wisdom at the Solar Eclipse this Saturday

I am very excited about this Saturday’s live episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast! Astrologer Emily Trinkaus and I will be sharing ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ on the astrology of the moment, including Saturday’s total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

While 2020 was the turning point of the age, with some planetary line-ups not seen since the 1200s, 2021 has been a year of turmoil and tension as well. The most significant single influence has been the conflict between freedom and control represented by a square (angle of tension) between the planets Uranus (acceleration, change, freedom) and Saturn (tradition, boundaries, rules). The last exact 90 degree angle comes in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, likely exacerbating the challenges for many families regarding whether or how to gather for the holidays.

Another predominant theme coloring our lives since mid-2020 is the polarity between facts and beliefs. The Lunar Nodes, considered to represent karma and destiny in evolutionary astrology, have been in the opposite signs of Gemini and Sagittarius all year. The Nodes bring up seemingly opposing energies for integration. Gemini is the sign of information, curiosity, multiplicity, and fact gathering. Sagittarius represents our belief systems, the stories we tell to make meaning of the world, organized religion and truth. With the South Node in Sagittarius, we seem to experience the darker tones of these themes: beliefs become dogma; our truth becomes the only truth; and/or we outsource our inner knowing to outer ‘experts’. With the North Node in Gemini, we may tend to overdo the gathering of facts, data and statistics in a bid to find an answer. The efforts of Gemini can become an ungrounded mental exercise.

Does any of this sound familiar? Saturday’s Solar Eclipse along the South Node will highlight some of the topics I mention here, giving us an opportunity for a reset, for example, of our stories or beliefs. 

Emily and I will talk about these and other topics as our time allows on Saturday, plus answer your questions. Patrons at the $8 tier can join us live – I’ll post the link tomorrow for you; the live session begins at 10 a.m. Mountain/Noon Eastern. 

You may also put questions in the comments section of this post if you can’t make it live and we will try to get to them. The podcast episode recording will be on your favorite podcast platform by Saturday afternoon.

Thank you again to all patrons for being here. It means a lot!

Re-building connection for the Taurus New Moon

Rebuild connections for the Taurus New Moon

Today’s New Moon in Taurus opens the portal to Eclipse season. For the next six weeks or so, we are in a time when things are super-charged and somewhat unpredictable. Mercury turning retrograde at the end of this month may amplify these themes, as do a couple of other tense angles between planets.

Taurus is the astrological ‘throne’ of the Moon, so the annual New and Full Moons in this sign offer us greater access to our inner worlds and inner knowing. Taurus is also home to Venus, who has just moved into the neighboring sign of Gemini, home to Mercury. With Venus in the sign of communication and connection, this lunation offers us the opportunity to build – or rebuild – our connections. Most of us know by now the potential for miscommunication and mischief that comes with Mercury retrograde periods, so we may want to take advantage of the New Moon to set the tone for respectful, clear communication – which has been sorely challenged over the past year for many of us.

The primary tension at this New Moon comes with the challenge between Mars in Cancer, or the ‘warrior’ in the mother’s house, and Chiron in Aries, Mars’ own home. 

“We can only meet others where they are to the extent that we are able to meet ourselves where we are.”

Hiro Boga, mentor/guide for visionary entrepreneurs

Mars in Cancer wants to take care of others, yet Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’, mentor and teacher in the sign of the self, agency and identity tasks each individual to be the fullest expression of themselves. In a time when ‘selfish’ is conflated with ‘narcissist’, we may forget that by shining the brilliance of our own true light, we bestow it on others, as well.

Time to begin!

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus were strung across the southeast horizon as I began this post, just before sunrise. The Moon was, then, a tiny silver sliver, an “Old Moon”, ending the Sagittarius cycle begun in early December. Tonight, January 5th, 2019, the New Moon in Capricorn begins a new lunar month; as the first New Moon since the Solstice and the calendar New Year, it initiates the New Year. The New Moon also sets a new six-month cycle through the Capricorn Full Moon in July; and, as a Solar Eclipse initiates both a new 18-month cycle of eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer, and an 18 year cycle ending with the next round of eclipses in the same signs.

The Solstice, the New Year, the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse combine in a powerful time of evaluating and adjusting the foundation of our personal (and collective) existence. More than New Year’s Day, today’s New Moon is a potent time for setting intentions or resolutions.

It’s time to begin.

Capricorn season comes as the light begins to return in the northern hemisphere. We’ve had several weeks of darkness, offered as an invitation to slow down, turn within, perhaps take stock of the year behind us in preparation for what is coming.

Capricorn zodiac glyph

Although Capricorn is nearing the end of the Zodiac – the tenth sign of twelve – the season lends itself to new beginnings and intention-setting. Ruled by the planet Saturn, cardinal Earth sign Capricorn is much about manifesting into form our goals and ideas. Cardinal energy is initiatory energy, marking the beginning of a season. Earth energy is that of form and substance, solid and real. 

Capricorn and Saturn both represent the mastery and authority that come with maturity. The Zodiac wheel symbolizes, among other things, a cycle of human development. By the time we come to the tenth sign, we have learned much about ourselves and the world around us; we’ve stabilized our sense of self, learned to express ourselves, entered into relationship with others, explored the larger world. Through our experience and experiences, we have developed wisdom. 

Perhaps my favorite word to summarize Capricorn energy is integrity. The word means wholeness; when we integrate differing qualities, we bring them together into one whole. This particular Capricorn season is heavily emphasized with five planets and the Lunar South Node in the sign at the time of the New Moon, and Saturn, Pluto and the South Node remaining for the duration of the year. Now is a time to come into integrity – within ourselves.

We are in integrity when our thoughts, words and deeds are in alignment with our true selves, our Souls. We live from the inside out, acting from our deep inner knowing. This is, in fact, our true power – to speak and act from what we know at a bone-deep level. Just as our bodies are stronger when we stand and move in alignment with our skeletal foundation, so our intentions come to life when we act in alignment with our Souls.

The ‘cosmic weather’ of current planetary placements points to creating a foundation for this year and many to come. The next couple of months, too, offer great forward momentum and the chance to let go of shadows holding us back, especially fear and the toxic mimic of power – control. 

I am feeling the ending and beginning of several cycles at this New Year. I begin a personal New Year at my mid-month birthday. I am also in the midst of my second “Saturn Return”, in which the planet Saturn returns to the place in the sky where it was at my birth. This 29 year cycle is a potent time for crystallizing intentions and reaping what has been sown over the previous cycle. 

At my first return, I started my corporate career and got married for the first time. As Saturn initiates me into a new phase of my life, I am setting into place the foundation of my second career as teacher, writer, healer. A mainstay of my new foundation is serving others in claiming their own integrity and sovereignty, living from the inside out. 

After spending the past couple of weeks winding down, ruminating on the year past, and allowing seeds of new creations to germinate, I will set intentions tonight for the month, year, and perhaps even 29 years to come.

If you would enjoy some support in setting your own intentions for the new cycles, a Soul Map reading offers clarity, context, and self-affirmation. A reading with me is a conversation with your Soul in which I act as translator and interpreter.

Questions? Send me an e-mail or leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to have a conversation!

An end to the madness!?

I don’t know about anyone else, but this New Moon in Sagittarius offers me a ray of hope that the madness of the past few weeks, or perhaps months, may finally ease. As much of a cliche as it might be, Mercury retrograde lives up to its annoying reputation in my experience. Website glitches, e-mails sent to the wrong people, missed appointments, last-minute cancellations, all are classic symptoms of the frequent yet short reversals of the planet ruling communications and electronics.

Three times per year, the smallest planet in our solar system appears to move backwards in its journey through the ecliptic. When it does, we are advised to not sign contracts, begin new ventures, buy electronics, and to brace ourselves for communication snafus. What I have noticed as I’ve paid closer attention the past couple of years is that I become ensnared in my thoughts about how things are or should be during these periods. The unhappy result is that I often miss signals as to what is really happening.

In one simple example, I met a woman the other day with the same name as another woman whom I have met a few times. They are in the same age bracket and I met them both in the company of the same people. So, I sent an e-mail to one thinking she was the other. If I had been paying attention to all the information I had available, it would have been clear I was mixing them up. But alas, I powered through any doubts. In this case there was no real harm done and I have given up, mostly, being embarrassed for silly mistakes. And perhaps I am more sensitive to Mercury’s backwards shenanigans because of my somewhat organized, plodding Capricornian mental processes. Once in motion, my thoughts seem to want to continue on their paths.

There are other reasons to celebrate today’s New Moon in Sagittarius, beginning with the blessed relief of passing out of Scorpio season. This New Moon closes out the Scorpio New Moon cycle, and the dark, murky, emotional Scorpio energy of the past month. In contrast, fire sign Sagittarius offers us meaning, optimism and hope at the darkest time of the year. And for the first time in twelve years, ruling planet Jupiter is back home in this sign. Bright and expansive, Jupiter represents the part of ourselves that wants to learn, to grow, to be all that we can be and perhaps a little more. Jupiter is the explorer, guru, adventurer, and storyteller.

This next year – the time it takes for Jupiter to traverse the sign of Sagittarius – offers us opportunities in the area of our lives touched by this transit. It also promises opportunities on a collective scale. One way to see and grasp the opportunities is by telling our own stories and re-writing them where they are holding us back from fully living our lives.

One of the benefits of Mercury retrograde, as well as all the other inner planet retrogrades of the past several months, has been a chance to slow down and re-examine our thoughts (Mercury), our actions and deep desires (Mars), even our relationships (Venus). All this looking back gave us time and space to reframe and revise the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. Maybe our biggest mistakes have paved the way for our greatest blessings. Or the job we lost made space for a whole new career. At the very least, we can be kind to ourselves – and the others who might have played various roles in our dramas – in the re-telling.

Best of all, in the wake of all this reflection we can now move forward with our new stories. Each of us is on a hero’s or heroine’s journey, with our share of trials and triumphs and unique waypoints. Where are you in your epic drama?

In the next few weeks, I’ll be offering again my mentorship for women who want to reframe their own stories, claim their sovereignty, and commit to service and embodiment.

In the meantime, perhaps simply take some time with journal and pen to jot down your story, maybe even around a fire with some friends.



The beginning of the harvest – and the end of eclipse season

As I sit down to write this post, the Sun has just reached 15 degrees of Leo, the point associated with the ancient celebration of Lammas, or “loaf-mass”. Although in today’s world we look to the Gregorian calendar on the wall to find these holidays, they are actually determined by the position of the Sun. Lammas is a cross-quarter day, meaning we are half-way between the (northern hemisphere) summer solstice and fall equinox.

This is a time of harvesting the ‘first fruits’ of what we sowed at the spring equinox, traditionally summer fruits and the first wave of grains. It is a time of abundance, a time to receive the gifts of the Earth and our own hard work. We might also pause from our summer play and work to appreciate and be grateful for this first flush of abundance.

Zodiac sign of Leo
Leo zodiac glyph

Just a few days after Lammas comes the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo, which is also the penultimate eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius cycle (the last is the Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in January, 2019). Not as intense as last year’s “Great American” Eclipse, nor even the recent Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, this Saturday’s Moon heralds a rise from the ashes of this eclipse season. If we’ve noticed some huge endings over the past months, now is the time to be vigilant for what begins.

This Eclipse comes within the formation of a (literally) pointed configuration called a “yod”, meaning that two planets in a 60 degree angle with each other are pointing indirectly at another across the sky in an elongated, converging triangle. In this case, Neptune in Pisces (unconditional love, spiritual connection) and Pluto in Capricorn (transformation of structures, mastery of true power) are pointing directly at the Leo Eclipse (Sun conjoined with the Moon in Leo) itself.

With the Sun and Moon conceiving a new cycle in Leo, the theme is that of creativity, leadership, and the self or Self. Leo, the lion, is also the sign of royalty. The shadow side of royal leadership is self-serving. But the greatest expression of the same is selfless service: the royal serves the good of all.

This Eclipse offers an opportunity to master the true power of unconditional love in service to – humanity, the planet, the cosmos.

If you read my last newsletter, you know I came to this very choice point, false as it is, near the time of the Cancer New Moon and Eclipse. I felt a deep need to practically get on my knees and commit to service no matter the consequences, in particular financial consequences. Even though I know there is no real separation between service and prosperity, making the declaration is a way of throwing off the programmed fear that tells me I have to focus on making money over offering service.

Matrix map
World matrix

Then, just a couple of weeks later at the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, I saw through the fear program that has told me for as long as I can remember I don’t have enough; I am not enough. It felt a little like watching Neo finally see the codes of the Matrix creating the world around him. Although the old mental habits are still dissipating, this clear view of fear of lack as an artificial construct has shifted, well, everything.

Maybe not everyone will have such a dramatic awakening during this eclipse season. After all, I have a Leo Moon and Leo is also the sign of drama. But we each have the opportunity to springboard off all this eclipse energy: we can release some element of cultural programming that no longer serves us and choose to use the power of our love in service.

If it sounds useful to explore your own path of service in community, with some structure and guidance, you may be interested in the Embodied Service program, my own new creative offering. It will be an extended group mentorship, at least a couple of months long, to learn how to detox from the old fear programming and learn to do business in a way that feels joyful, easeful, and in alignment with who you really are, with your Soul. I’m still working out details, which I will share within the next week or two.

Would you like a more personal take on what this Eclipse season means in your life? Consider an astrology consultation with me.



What nourishes you at the Cancer New Moon/ Solar Eclipse

It is (finally) unmistakably summer here in Montana. After a long, cold, snowy winter and cold, wet spring, we are in that period when the days are still long and bright, the flood waters have receded, and Nature seems unstoppable and inexhaustible.

As we approach the Caner New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Thursday, the natural world around us seems nourishing in every respect.

Cancer, signified in the zodiac wheel by the crab, represents the Great Mother, She who gives Life. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer and the fourth house of the astrological chart point to our own mothers, our ancestors, and what nourishes us. 

Nourishment begins in the heart

Traditional wisdom tells us that we digest everything we take in through all of our senses. The food we eat is the most obvious example, but we also digest emotions, thoughts, what we see, what we hear, even what we sense on a subconscious level. Many empathic or sensitive people can tell you we need extra time and space after being with a crowd or a particularly intense individual to process (ie. digest) the energy we pick up.

The concept applies to all of us, though. Most people have the experience of noticing some strong emotion disrupting their physical digestion, and vice versa. Perhaps we are sad or grieving and simply lose our appetite. Or, we are so angry about something our digestive systems become unsettled as well. Anxiety and stress can lead to all sorts of troubles with the physical digestion.

We digest energetically as well as physically. In fact, according to Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India, digestion starts in the heart. When we take something in that the heart cannot process, the next step is in the mind, where we find ways to not feel, disconnecting from our body and our experience. This leads to digestive trouble, creating toxins that form the basis of disease.

Nourishment or poison?

This New Moon in Cancer presents a good time to notice what nourishes us. With underworld God(dess) Pluto exactly across from the Moon and Sun, and the added intensity of the Eclipse, however, we are likely to find we have been ingesting poison.

It’s not so hard to imagine, given the content of the news and social media these days.

The fact is, we often proceed unconsciously to “feed” ourselves and our friends poison. What I notice is that even well-meaning friends frequently share pictures and stories ranging from unpleasant to sad to outright devastating. Once we see the image, or read the words, it becomes something we need to digest. For those of us who feel acutely, just the first quick glance can be like a needle – or poison arrow – to the heart. 

The truth is everyone feels the impact of what they see, hear, read. But not everyone notices until the undigested emotions and thoughts accumulate and show up as dis-ease of some sort on the mental, emotional, or physical (or even spiritual) plane.

In addition to noticing what we are feeding ourselves – war, strife, the horrors of the world; or love, beauty, and the unselfish acts of love that occur every day – we can also see what we are feeding the world. If what we put our attention on grows, then what are we building with our attention, our Facebook shares, our daily conversation? 

The fact is that our Plutonian power lies in our attention and intention; what we share or don’t share. 

This Cancer New Moon is the first of three eclipses over the coming weeks. Each eclipse is a potent time of transformation, giving us the opportunity to see what might need to change and the help to make that change. Eclipses herald several different cycles: the lunar cycle of approximately one month; the 18 month cycle of eclipses within the same Zodiac sign; and the 19 year return to the same sign of the Zodiac wheel. 

Look back 19 years as well as 18 months to see what might be coming to a close. Set intentions with love and care for the coming month, months, and years. 

What nourishes you?

To what do you give your attention?

What are you feeding your community?

See and see again at the Gemini New Moon

Here in Montana, it is finally spring and we are turning the corner into summer. It is the time of year when the days seem to stretch on forever, the flowers weave a tapestry of color, the air is filled with a cacophony of birdsong, and the wild creatures are giving birth all around. The air is lighter as it dries out from the deluge of snowmelt and spring rains. The fields are planted and fertilized. It is time to look around, connect with our neighbors, and gain a fresh perspective. It’s Gemini season.IMG_4397

The New Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini marks the transition from spring into summer. After the stable, heavy energy of Taurus, the light, changeable energy of Gemini can feel unbalancing if we don’t find ways to stay grounded. As an air sign, Gemini operates in the mental realm. It is the sign of the twins, who delight in discovering themselves through each other. Its hallmark is curiosity. Gemini, its planetary ruler Mercury, and the third house denote the stage in the zodiac phases of development in which we learn to perceive the other and what’s around us.

Mercury is known in mythology as the messenger; it represents mental processes, connection and communication. At the New Moon, Mercury is in the water sign of Cancer. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, Mercury and the Moon are in what is called “mutual reception”, activating and reinforcing each other by residing in each other’s home signs. This arrangement can help us to integrate our emotions with our thoughts. Maybe we can even notice that it is often thought that generates emotions, and learn to find some space in between them. A powerful way of creating the gap between thought and emotion is by applying Geminian curiosity as we sit quietly and pay gentle attention to our mental churnings and arising emotions.

While Gemini supports curiosity, exploration of our environment, and perceiving in a new way, there can be too much of a good thing if we over-think, over-analyze, and begin to confuse our thoughts and stories with reality. Have you ever had the experience of making up a reason for someone else’s behavior – and believing it – only to find out later that the truth was something else entirely? I notice my own tendency to think I know what others are thinking when Mercury goes retrograde (appearing to move backwards in it’s orbit from Earth’s perspective). In a recent example, I thought up all kinds of motives, mostly having to do with a fear of rejection, for why a friend wasn’t calling me back. When we finally talked, it turned out that the friend was dealing with a family crisis. 

Another shadow of Mercury-ruled Gemini is the tendency to be so focused on telling our own story we forget to listen to others. But learning requires listening, whether it is learning about ourselves and what motivates us, learning a new skill, or understanding someone or something. We can practice true obedience to Reality and Truth by listening “with the ear of the heart”. This is the original meaning of the word “obedience”, which has nothing to do with control and everything to do with a primary form of love: our open, full-bodied attention. We can start this practice of obedience, or love, with something we think we know, such as a tree or a flower. Through deeply listening, we open ourselves to a wider perspective beyond our story.

With Mercury in a hard angle with wounded healer archetype Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries, perhaps what we need to listen to is specific to what we are working to heal, particularly in relationship to our sense of identity, our will, our drive to get things done. I’ve been noticing a real challenge in letting go of the idea that I can make my life unfold the way I want it to by sheer force of will. As the ancient yoga scripture of the Bhagavad Gita points out, we have the rights to our actions but not the fruits of those actions. Better to do what we know is right for us, with a compassionate eye to the potential consequences, and ask for a certain amount of grace for the outcome. I am practicing finding the balance between effort and grace.

At the same time, Mercury is opposite Saturn, planet of authority, dedication, and simple reality forming a t-square with Chiron. The combination of the three planets challenging each other reinforces the theme of seeing things as they really are in order to heal.

Whether it is a friend, a tree, or our own body, this Gemini New Moon invites us to see and see again, perceive what and who is around us in a new way.

At the Gemini New Moon:

Ask more questions;

Look for the space between thoughts and emotions;

Listen with the ear of your heart;

Practice obedience to something or someone you love.

Want to know how this New Moon might be affecting you? Book a Moon Magic reading with me!


Come back to your senses: Taurus New Moon

Embodiment. Incarnation. Energy solidifying into form. The newly planted seeds of the Aries cycle now ending are putting roots into the Earth and mass on their new shoots. 

TaurusThe Taurus New Moon initiates a new cycle on Tuesday, May 15th, 5:48 a.m. MDT at 24 degrees Taurus. Just past is the cross-quarter holiday of Beltane (Mayday) when the Sun reached 15 degrees of tropical Taurus, the traditional time for celebrating and encouraging fertility on the land. This is the heart of the meaning of Taurus: the Earth is a bountiful source of all material creation and power, and now is the time to celebrate incarnation and our ability to experience life in physical form. 

In Taurus, we come into our bodies, come back to our senses, and enjoy the pleasure inherent in material existence. 

Symbolized as a bull, Taurus is an Earth sign, giving it a receptive, inward-focused feminine energy. As a fixed sign, it builds, solidifies, maintains. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is sensual, earthy, desiring comfort on the material plane. 

Taurus is often associated with money and wealth, as these come from the Earth at a fundamental level. The fixed quality of the sign points to stability and security. The shadows to watch for are related to getting stuck in comfort and survival at the expense of fully experiencing life and real pleasure.

But wait – there’s more! This year, 2018, just hours after the New Moon, the planet Uranus shifts into Taurus for the first time in 84 years. When a slow-moving outer planet changes sign, it signals a new phase for of all of us, in this case one that lasts for seven years. 

Moving from fiery, creative, masculine Aries to earthy, Earth-focused, material reality-centered Taurus, the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener will shake us up in a completely different manner, likely getting us radically unstuck in areas where we cling to security and safety from external sources.

My own personal feeling – or perhaps hope? – about the movement of Uranus into the sign of material existence is that this will be a time of awakening to valuing our bodies and our planet in ways we have avoided.

In the religion and spirituality of this last millennium, for example, the body has been denigrated and devalued as a ‘cage’ containing and limiting the soul, rather than an expression of the soul and the manifestation of divine love. It is with the body that we are enabled to take action. It is with the body we can express love. It is through our material existence we can harness time and space to create change and allow healing. It is through our five senses we can experience creation by smelling a flower or biting into a peach or caressing a lover. IMG_1421

It is time to value ourselves as humans, and as integral to, rather than separate from, Nature and the Earth.

With Uranus as the key actor here our awakening is not likely to be in a slow, steady Taurus-like fashion. The Earth Herself may rebel (volcanoes anyone?). Or perhaps the Uranus-ruled lightning bolts, breakdowns, breakthroughs, and innovations will show up as a wave of corporate executives quitting to found eco-villages and communal organic farms. Perhaps as the old systems break down, more of us will work to create new systems founded in love for our planet and our selves. 

There are many other takes, of course, on this New Moon and the potentially intense energies signified by Uranus (and I didn’t even mention what’s going on with Mars). For my part, I’ll stay focused on the skillful use of Venusian love, harmony and Her law of attraction to shape my dreams for what is initiated at this time. And more than anything, I will practice staying in the sensations of my body to stay in present time and the security of solid Earth underneath and within me. All the better when I get into the mountains to sit with the trees and their calm resilience.

How about you?

At the Taurus New Moon:

Don’t just smell the flowers – sit with them and enjoy them with all of your senses;

Hug anyone and everyone, including some trees;

Notice the safety and security inherent in the Sun’s warmth, the Earth beneath your feet, (even if it shakes) and your own beautiful body;

Honor your self, soul, and body;

Say a prayer of respect, honor, and appreciation to the Earth, your home.

Time to act at the Aries New Moon

In our linear view of time, we point to a particular date on our Gregorian calendar as the beginning of a cycle, in this case the calendar year. Yet in real life – meaning the natural, real world – time moves in cycles with no beginning or end, just a continuous spiral of change. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, time’s passage is easiest to mark by the light of the Sun and Moon. Via the Sun we can measure as did ancient people, noting the Solstice points of winter and summer, the equinox points of spring and fall, and the cross-quarter points in-between. These points give us several opportunities for new beginnings: in tropical (seasonal) astrology we’ve chosen Spring Equinox as the beginning of a new zodiac year, using it to fix the Sun’s ingress into the sign (as opposed to the constellation) of Aries. The first day of spring becomes the first day of a new astrological cycle of transformation and development through symbolic birth, life, and death.

Then there is the Moon and Her rhythms, providing thirteen distinct periods within the solar year, each beginning with a New Moon, the time when the Moon comes together with the Sun, from our Earthly perspective, and initiates a new cycle colored by the sign in which it occurs. As the first New Moon of spring, the Moon’s first initiation of the zodiac year comes when She unites with the Sun in the sign of Aries. Aries

This year the New Moon in Aries arrives late – nearly three weeks later than in 2017 – on April 15th, at 26 degrees of Aries. Here in Montana, it seems as if spring is waiting for the New Moon to shake off the frigid temperatures and blizzards of winter. Yet there are a few signs of new life: the robins have returned (although they look none-too-happy), as have the mountain bluebirds. The days are longer and lighter despite the chilly weather, and some of the more trusting trees and shrubs are beginning to bud.

Spring buds

This theme of new life describes the symbolism of zodiac Aries: new life springs into being through determination and will, sometimes against all odds. There is a quality of emergence, initiation, sharpness, and piercing action. The traditional dictum attributed to Hermes of “As above, so below; as within, so without…” tells us the qualities of people born in the Aries season, or with Aries rising in the sky at the time of their births will carry an emphasis on the qualities associated with the sign. Empirical research and observation throughout the centuries lends weight to the concept. 

This year, the Aries New Moon happens very close (in terms of the zodiac) to the planet Uranus, known as the Great Awakener. Uranus represents the qualities of breaking down, breaking through, breaking up, breaking out, out-of-the-blue, radical freedom, revolution, rebellion – you get the idea. Uranian energy has been strongly active off and on for well over a year when its Aries placement was activated by Jupiter’s arrival directly across the sky at the same degree of the sign of Libra. As has been the case historically with this arrangement, we’ve seen it’s heightened energy in the revolutions, rebellions, and like events and movements across the globe. (For a more scholarly exposition on this phenomenon, I highly recommend the book Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas.)

The same intense themes can flavor our individual lives, particularly if we are near the ages of 21, 42, or 63, or if we have personal planets or a sensitive point of our chart in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. By way of example, I have Aries at the top of my chart, and Uranus has stayed quite close to my Midheaven, often known as the ‘career line’ of the chart. My career has, indeed, broken through with many opportunities coming completely out-of-the-blue. Those who knew me even five years ago probably wonder at the revolutionary changes that even I never saw coming.

The joining of these Aries and New Moon initiatory energies with the radical and revolutionary themes of Uranus – something that won’t happen again for another 80+ years – offers us support for our own radical, revolutionary new beginnings, particularly in service to our own individual freedom. Whereas the passing Pisces end-of-cycle season allowed us to focus on where to let go, and what to let go of, now we get a green light to take off on new ventures. Mercury, the planet of mind, perception and communication which has appeared to move backwards since March 24th, turns direct on the morning of the New Moon, adding impetus to our forward motion. 

Now is the time to bring forth into the light what has been gestating in the dark.

At this New Moon:

Take a walk to look for new life and new growth;

Set some intentions for the new Solar year;

Act on your dreams;

Choose freedom.