‘Your word is your wand’: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily

In another epic conversation between Kristine and astrologer/teacher Emily Trinkaus, we discussed the wisdom of astrology, what we are really doing as astrologers, and how we wield our knowledge consciously as we enter the Aquarian age.

Free will and astrology on The Natural Wisdom Podcast

In a continuation of the previous episode, here I take a deeper look  at the ways in which astrologers are the new spiritual teachers, and why  we need to be extra careful in using astrology to empower, not  victimize people. When we start to understand the pure, neutral energies  of the planets, we can moreContinue reading “Free will and astrology on The Natural Wisdom Podcast”

Cosmic Wisdom at the Solar Eclipse this Saturday

I am very excited about this Saturday’s live episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast! Astrologer Emily Trinkaus and I will be sharing ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ on the astrology of the moment, including Saturday’s total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. While 2020 was the turning point of the age, with some planetary line-ups not seen since the 1200s,Continue reading “Cosmic Wisdom at the Solar Eclipse this Saturday”