Cosmic Wisdom at the Solar Eclipse this Saturday

I am very excited about this Saturday’s live episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast! Astrologer Emily Trinkaus and I will be sharing ‘Cosmic Wisdom’ on the astrology of the moment, including Saturday’s total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

While 2020 was the turning point of the age, with some planetary line-ups not seen since the 1200s, 2021 has been a year of turmoil and tension as well. The most significant single influence has been the conflict between freedom and control represented by a square (angle of tension) between the planets Uranus (acceleration, change, freedom) and Saturn (tradition, boundaries, rules). The last exact 90 degree angle comes in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, likely exacerbating the challenges for many families regarding whether or how to gather for the holidays.

Another predominant theme coloring our lives since mid-2020 is the polarity between facts and beliefs. The Lunar Nodes, considered to represent karma and destiny in evolutionary astrology, have been in the opposite signs of Gemini and Sagittarius all year. The Nodes bring up seemingly opposing energies for integration. Gemini is the sign of information, curiosity, multiplicity, and fact gathering. Sagittarius represents our belief systems, the stories we tell to make meaning of the world, organized religion and truth. With the South Node in Sagittarius, we seem to experience the darker tones of these themes: beliefs become dogma; our truth becomes the only truth; and/or we outsource our inner knowing to outer ‘experts’. With the North Node in Gemini, we may tend to overdo the gathering of facts, data and statistics in a bid to find an answer. The efforts of Gemini can become an ungrounded mental exercise.

Does any of this sound familiar? Saturday’s Solar Eclipse along the South Node will highlight some of the topics I mention here, giving us an opportunity for a reset, for example, of our stories or beliefs. 

Emily and I will talk about these and other topics as our time allows on Saturday, plus answer your questions. Patrons at the $8 tier can join us live – I’ll post the link tomorrow for you; the live session begins at 10 a.m. Mountain/Noon Eastern. 

You may also put questions in the comments section of this post if you can’t make it live and we will try to get to them. The podcast episode recording will be on your favorite podcast platform by Saturday afternoon.

Thank you again to all patrons for being here. It means a lot!

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The Natural Wisdom Podcast

The first episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast was recorded July 10, 2021. Topics included an introduction to the podcast and its purpose, a little about how it came about, and some practical wisdom on aligning your lifestyle with Nature’s rhythms. Follow the podcast on your favorite podcast platform, including Apple, Spotify,, Google, Breaker, RadioPublic and PocketCasts.

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Here are some of the highlights of what is on offer in The Natural Wisdom Podcast:

  • Astrology! I’ll be hosting regular (at least monthly) astro-weather forecasts and insights to help you get in synch.
  • One of my pet subjects is how our lifestyle can be our medicine. When and how we eat, for example, is often more powerful than what we eat.
  • Other ways to connect with the natural world, from communicating with plants and animals to ‘catching the season’ and more.

Every episode will be geared to helping humans remember ourselves as Nature. Have ideas for speakers or subjects? Become a patron, follow me on Patreon, or send me a comment here on my website.

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Coming up soon:

Episode 4, January 22, 2022 – The story of the ancient Queen of Heaven and her descent into the Underworld. This Sumerian myth has exact parallels to the journey of the planet Venus from morning to evening star.

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Curious about astrology, how it works, and why you might care? In today’s Q and A call for some of my Patreon patrons, I took on these questions and more. In the 60 minute video recording, I share my perspective on why astrology is a useful tool for us today. I talk about the ancient wisdom that provides the underpinnings of astrology, and the ways in which our world – and astrology – has changed through the millennia.

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