Saturn as catalyst, with Jude Hotep

Saturn as the catalyst: A conversation with Goddess Astrologer Jude Hotep On The Natural Wisdom Podcast The Goddess Astrologer Jude Hotep joined me for a wide-ranging conversation about the return of Divine Feminine energy; healing the split between Soul and body, and more. Jude and I met as presenters at the Aquarian High Council onlineContinue reading “Saturn as catalyst, with Jude Hotep”

Episode 37 Embodiment: what and how

What is embodiment, really, and how do we do it?? On The Natural Wisdom Podcast This episode was recorded at the Leo Full Moon, 2023, which this year coincides with the cross-quarter holyday of Imbolc/Candlemas. After a short peek at the Full Moon and the Leo/Aquarius polarity, I spent a good portion of this episodeContinue reading “Episode 37 Embodiment: what and how”

Craving comfort?

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Taurus has me craving comfort. Yesterday I made lasagna, today it was chocolate chip cookies. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and comfort is a primary signification of both, as are any and all sensual pleasures. All earth signs, and particularly this one, have to do with being a human onContinue reading “Craving comfort?”