Tuesday’s Eclipse Apocalypse

Lunar Eclipse

Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2022: The apocalypse?

The eclipses of 2022 reach their peak at Tuesday’s (November 8th) Full Moon in Taurus, when the big, bright Moon turns a deep red as the Earth’s shadow falls across its face. This total Lunar Eclipse comes just a day after the true Samhain, the cross-quarter holyday midway between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice of the northern hemisphere. The light is dying, and the veils between worlds are said to be at their thinnest. The combination of the season and the planetary alignments of the eclipse seem best described by the original meaning of the word ‘apocalypse’ – ‘revelation’.

Eclipses, especially Lunar Eclipses can heighten our sensitivity and emotions, and this one is particularly tense. I have been having trouble settling and am hearing the same from many of my friends. But as with all astrological happenings, there are huge opportunities within this energetic portal. Below are some thoughts on what we are feeling.

Saturn square the Eclipse axis, Uranus and Mercury: As with the May Eclipse, Saturn – Lord of Karma – is in a tense angle to the Sun, Moon and Lunar Nodes, plus the two other planets exactly aligned with the Eclipse – Uranus and Mercury. We are once again at a karmic crossroads, a choice point between fear and love; between clamping down on the controls and opening to Life. Perhaps we will see consequences of choices we made in May, but in any case, this is a powerful time to re-commit (Saturn) to the future vision (Aquarius) we desire (Taurus/Scorpio axis) and see through the fear being foisted upon us from seemingly every direction.

Mercury conjunct the Sun, in ‘cazimi’: The planet Mercury, representative of the mind and perception, is exactly behind the Sun in Scorpio, invisible, yet actually extra-powerful. One astrologer likened it to the messenger ‘whispering in the King’s ear’. Perhaps there is new information coming to light, or a new perspective to be found, or secrets being exposed. 

Venus loosely conjunct the Sun and Mercury: With the Taurus Eclipse in the home sign of Venus, there is added focus on choosing to move towards what we love and value, rather than away from what we fear. 

Moon conjunct Uranus, exact: Also similar to May but exact this time, the Moon is in a conjunction with the Great Liberator, Uranus. And like Mercury – and the Sun and Moon – this planet of breakthroughs is not only at the same degree of the Zodiac, but also by declination – the height above the horizon. This rare exact alignment of planets along the Eclipse axis is creating a clear pathway across the sky – to what? Mercury and Uranus are tricksters, related to insight, perception, and higher knowing. The Sun and Moon are the literal Lights of our world. Uranus accelerates change, breaks us out or through what constrains us. To me it feels like an uber-amplification of access to the intelligence of the cosmos, a way to get unstuck from the thought matrix we find it so hard to see through. How can we envision, let alone co-create a beautiful world based on love, cooperation, and peace unless we are shaken out of the current narrative?

Mars retrograde in Gemini: When the planet of action, animation, and desire travels backwards it is time to slow down and reassess where we put our energy. In the sign of communication, language and magic, it is time to pay attention to what we say – to ourselves as well as others. Are we casting spells and curses to control, or using our voices to build connection? 

We are in the heart of Scorpio season at Samhain and the Taurus Lunar Eclipse. Scorpio is the sign of what is hidden, the invisible world, the ‘Otherworld’, and we are being given access – if we let down our guard long enough to allow it. One of our primary defenses against new insights is certainty, and certainty is born out of fear. Whether we are planning every movement, or nailing down the ‘truth’ about something or someone, or inventing other ways of controlling our experience, we are also blocking possibilities.

When I pull all of these threads together I see a life-changing opportunity to completely shift our vision of the world, to release the old thinking habits based in fear and control, and allow ourselves to see the world we want. “The kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the Earth but people cannot see it”. 

Will Tuesday’s apocalypse tear away the veil of fear before our eyes? One can hope – and set that very intention!

[Photo credit: Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com]

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