Pluto and Transformation

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In this two-hour class, learn how to work with the archetype of transformation – Pluto – in your own life. No astrology experience necessary.

Sign up by May 1st to receive the discounted price, and to be entered in the drawing to have your chart used as an example in class.


Pluto and transformation: The death of control

2 Hour Workshop Saturday, May 18, 2019 10:00 am Mountain Time

Pluto. Hades. God(dess) of the Underworld.

What scares you, beyond reason?

What do you most want to avoid?

What are your obsessions?

What do you not want to know – about yourself, your loved ones, life itself?

What are you afraid (or ashamed) to deeply, truly desire?

These are some of the questions we face when Pluto is activated in our lives.

There are riches in Pluto’s Underworld, but in order to collect them we must first face our fears and embrace our shadows to claim their power as our own.

End of the cycle
Death and transformation

In this 2-hour workshop, I will offer information, wisdom and practices to support you in your Underworld journey of discovering deep inner resources.You will also learn how to find where Pluto is acting in your birth chart.

You don’t need to know astrology to benefit from understanding Pluto as the archetypal symbol of transformation. However, if your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant are in the later degrees of a cardinal sign (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra), you are likely feeling the pressure of transformation in some area of your life very personally.*

Through our two hours together, you will gain perspective on the process of change and be reminded you are not alone, even in the darkest of hours.

We’ll explore –

The history, astronomy and mythology of Pluto and how it has come to the meanings associated with it;

Pluto through the signs of the Zodiac and the houses of the birth chart;

Ways to work with Pluto and the “dark night of the Soul” it can bring;

The bottom line teaching of Pluto in our lives – that we are whole, complete, and powerful in ourselves.

We’ll look at real-life examples of Pluto’s effects, both individually (you’ll be entered into a drawing to use you chart as an example – with your permission) and collectively for the United States and its Pluto return in 2022.

We’ll meet at the Scorpio Full Moon. At the end of our discussion, we’ll dive into a Full Moon ritual of meeting, embracing, and transmuting the shadows.

*If you don’t know the sign of your Moon or Ascendant in your natal chart, you can get a free chart at several online locations, including Astrolabe;; and CafeAstrology (you must have an accurate birth time.)


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