The Elements – building blocks of life



Wisdom traditions describe the world in terms of elements. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine use five elements. And while Western astrology, traditional medicine and culture from the Celts to the Greeks focus on only four, there exists even there an elusive fifth element – that of space, also called ‘ether’, and perhaps best described as Source.

By understanding the language of the elements, we can bridge the language of astrology with that of the body, personality, psychology, health, food, and even our environment. Knowing that the Moon is watery and cold, or that the sign of Leo is hot and dry, or that certain foods are moistening or drying can help us to understand our personal ecosystem and how to keep it in balance. Understanding the elemental make-up of our chart gives us insight into ourselves.

In this recorded class, learn about the elements through the lenses of astrology, Ayurveda, and our own intuition to learn to bring ourselves into greater balance.

Cost includes recording plus a pdf copy of the presentation slides.


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