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The first episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast was recorded July 10, 2021. Topics included an introduction to the podcast and its purpose, a little about how it came about, and some practical wisdom on aligning your lifestyle with Nature’s rhythms. Follow the podcast on your favorite podcast platform, including Apple, Spotify,, Google, Breaker, RadioPublic and PocketCasts.

Listen to the latest episode here:

Rebalance and Integrate self-love at the Libra Equinox: Cosmic wisdom with Kristine and Emily The Natural Wisdom Podcast

Emily Trinkaus joined me a few days before the Libra Equinox to talk about the current cosmic forces, including the October eclipses and Saturday's Equinox in Libra. Themes of self-love, joy, and understanding the difference between your innate power and its shadow of manipulation were all part of our discussion. The inner planets (Mercury and Venus) are moving forward again, but the outer planets are still in retrograde motion, offering us time to integrate what we have discovered these past weeks. We also touched on the US Pluto return, a transformational turning point for our country! Find more about Emily and her bi-weekly Moon updates here: Connect with Kristine here: Charts we used in the podcast:,, — Send in a voice message:
  1. Rebalance and Integrate self-love at the Libra Equinox: Cosmic wisdom with Kristine and Emily
  2. How do you know what you know? The Virgo New Moon has answers.
  3. Ask for what you want: The alchemy of Aries and Libra

Here are some of the highlights of what is on offer in The Natural Wisdom Podcast:

  • Astrology! I’ll be hosting regular (at least monthly) astro-weather forecasts and insights to help you get in synch.
  • One of my pet subjects is how our lifestyle can be our medicine. When and how we eat, for example, is often more powerful than what we eat.
  • Other ways to connect with the natural world, from communicating with plants and animals to ‘catching the season’ and more.

Every episode is geared to helping humans remember ourselves as Nature.

List of Episodes

Season 1 – 2021

Episode 1, July 10, 2021 – Remember Yourself as Nature

Bonus episode – Connect with your inner Sun!

Bonus episode – Feel your inner Moon

Bonus episode – Injuries are my teachers

Episode 2, August 7, 2021 – We are seasonal beings!

Bonus episode – How to get grounded

Bonus episode – Virgo New Moon and seasonal transitions

Episode 3, 2021- An interview with astrologer Emily Trinkaus!

Bonus episode – Message from the forest

Episode 4, October 16, 2021The Wisdom of Plants with Herbalist and energy healer Angela Segraves

Bonus episode – Entering the portal of Scorpio Season

Bonus episode – Scorpio Season Corrections and Uranian Amplifications

Episode 5, November 4, 2021- Learn how to connect with the animals in your life with Kim Shotola of The Lightfoot Way

Bonus episode – Plutonian Journeys

Episode 6, December 4th, 2021 – An epic conversation about current astrology with Emily Trinkaus – the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse, the confusion of Neptune, and releasing certainty and old beliefs.

Episode 7: A special Solstice episode on the astrology of the moment, plus a meditation and ritual for calling in our greatest desires.

Season 22022

Episode 1, 2022 – New Year, New Moon, new beginnings

Episode 2, January 8th, 2022Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily. Emily Trinkaus and I covered the major shifts going on in the Heavens and what that means for all of us.

Episode 3, January 13th, 2022Turn fear into fuel with gifted healer Belinda Noakes

Episode 4, January 22, 2022The story of the ancient Queen of Heaven and her descent into the Underworld. This Sumerian myth has exact parallels to the journey of the planet Venus from morning to evening star.

Episode 5, February 5th, 2022 – Forward momentum with all planets direct at the holyday of Imbolc

Episode 6 – Embodied astrology: Connect the planets to your bodily sensations

February 17, 2022 – Release persecution fears to fuel your creativity with Kristine and Belinda

Episode 8, February 26th, 2022 – Pluto, Venus and cycles within cycles

Episode 9 – Expansion, purification and health: Jupiter in Pisces

Episode 10 – Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily – Sky and Earth, embodiment and compassion

Episode 11 – Aries Equinox and Lunar Plant Magick with Angela Segraves

Episode 12 – Whole person embodiment and bio-energy balancing with Sarah McCroskey

Episode 13 – What is karma, really?

Episode 14 – Karma and the astrology of now

Episode 15 – The power of compassion

Episode 16 – Karma and money with guest Belinda Noakes

Episode 17 – Purging karma and reclaiming power with guest Emily Trinkaus

Episode 18 – Karma, food, consciousness and reverence

Episode 19 – Introduction to karma in the astrology chart

Episode 20 – Fate, free will, embodiment and natural wisdom

Episode 21 – Astrology, free will and reclaiming your power

Episode 22 – Reclaim your wildness: Bear stories at a Uranian time

Episode 23 – Reclaiming kinship at Lammas, first harvest

Episode 24 – You are the body: Break free of the karma of separation

Episode 25 – Re-wilding with author and Chinese medicine practitoner Kendra Ward

Episode 26 – Your word is your wand: Cosmic Wisdom with astrologer Emily Trinkaus

Episode 27 – Heal your birth story with Charlotte Kanyi

Episode 28 – Claim your Saturn to claim your life

Episode 29 – A mega-purge and new beginning at Eclipse Season, 2022 with Emily Trinkaus

Episode 30 – Celebrate darkness at Samhain

Episode 31 – Everything is Energy: Beyond the stories

Episode 32 – Super-sensitive is a super power: A conversation with Belinda Noakes

Episode 33 – You are enough: with Dr. Gulara Vincent

Episode 34 – Stand in your truth for the new year and the new age: Cosmic wisdom with Kristine and Emily

Episode 35 – A story of Saturn: Telling the truth of my soul

Episode 36 – The importance of embodiment in this time of transition

Episode 37 – What is embodiment, really, and how do you do it?

Episode 38 – Co-creation or control: How to use your power with respect

Episode 39 – Become a beacon: On authenticity with guru-maker James Deneka-Lavers

Episode 40 – Aries New Moon 2023: A turning point and new beginning

Episode 41- Domination or co-creation – what is your relationship with your body?

Episode 42 – Your power is within: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily

Episode 43 – The importance of doing nothing

Episode 44 – Awakening the Divine Feminine with Goddess Astrologer Jude Hotep

Episode 45 – Doorways to Darkness: An astrological perspective

Episode 46 – Living in Harmony: A conversation with Dr. Kristian Strang

Episode 47 – Ask for what you want: The alchemy of Aries and Libra

Episode 48 – How do you know what you know? The Virgo New Moon has answers

Episode 49 – Rebalance and integrate self-love: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily