Remembering kinship and connection at this Leo convergence

Kinship and connection at the Leo convergence

On The Natural Wisdom Podcast

In this episode, the 23rd this year, I continued on in my examination of healing our karma of believing ourselves separate from Nature. We are at the convergence of several ‘gates’: the ancient cross-quarter holy day of Lammas/Lughnasadh/First Harvest (August 7); Lion’s Gate (August 8); the Sun at the Eclipse mid-point (August 10) and the Aquarius Full Moon (August 11). How might we put this time of turnarounds and breakthroughs to use to ‘break out’ of our story of separation?

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As part of this episode, I told a very personal story of one of my own recent breakthroughs. As part of my next level Compassion Key training, I booked a session with Charlotte Kanyi, who specializes in helping people heal their experience of birth.

Want to learn more about the life assignment of your Lunar Nodes? Join Kristine on Friday, August 29th for her workshop on the subject:

Source for Chief Luther Standing Bear quotes:

Kristine’s story on ‘remembering’ what it means to be indigenous:

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