The late summer holyday of Lammas, first harvest

This coming Sunday, August 7th, the Sun reaches the 15th degree of Leo. This marks the ancient holy day of Lammas, or Lughnasadh, and the first harvest celebration. This year, this time falls at the mid-point of Eclipse seasons, stirring up themes from late April and early May as well as giving us a preview of late October and early November. 

I am guessing you have noticed the accelerated change in the air, reflecting the alignment of Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. For some of us, the change is deeply personal and profound. For me, there have been breakthroughs almost weekly in letting go of past beliefs and behaviors I did not even know I was carrying. The shifts and releases have come as a result of my work with the Compassion Key modality, and are supported – of course – by the astro-timing. It definitely feels like a ‘first harvest’ of the months of learning and practicing I have done for my certification.

Some of you know I have incorporated the Compassion Key into my offerings. As I work with clients using my unique combination of skills, I am struck with profound gratitude for being able to do this work. As my second Saturn return continues to unfold, I feel more in alignment with who I am and what I can offer than ever before. It is an amazing feeling to be so aligned.

This Saturday I will be recording a new episode of another fun creation, The Natural Wisdom Podcast. The podcast gives me room to roam with the topics I cover. The past several episodes have been on the subject of karma, which really means the beliefs we carry that keep us locked into restrictive and unhealthy patterns of thought and action. I’ll continue on the theme of fear as an indicator of where we are giving away our authority, and how we can find kinship with all of life as an antidote to (much of) the fear programming. 

The link for patrons to join the live show will post tomorrow.

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