Breakthrough and Flourish!

Are you feeling uncertain about what’s next in your life, and/or how to get there?

Do many of your decisions come from fear – of lack, failure, or not being good enough?

Do you want to reclaim your birthright of joyful and authentic living?

The packages I offer are designed to support you in the deepest and greatest breakthroughs possible for you. Each package includes an initial astrology consultation to discover and explore underlying patterns. The breakthrough sessions begin with a brief review of current planetary energies. The bulk of each session is spent unlocking karmic patterns and restrictions. The initial session is scheduled for approximately 90 minutes; subsequent sessions generally run 45 minutes to an hour.

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The Compassion Key is a powerful modality for finding and releasing some of our deepest survival strategies keeping us stuck in old patterns and fears. Combined with the insight of astrology, the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda, and other forms of energy medicine, this simple practice of guided self-directed compassion can unlock karmic imprints, clear deeply held blocks and allow us to flow more freely, easily and joyfully with life. 

Breakthrough packages

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Astrology Consultations

The astrological birth chart is a map of the soul’s purpose and path in life; the physical make-up and health potential; as well as the personality, psychology and emotional make-up.

An astrology consultation offers perspective on current and upcoming life situations through the use of several timing techniques, in addition to an in-depth review of the natal chart.

When you book your appointment, let me know if there are particular areas on which you would like to concentrate, such as health, relationships, career directions, or simply flowing more easily with the current energies at play.

For in-person consultations in Livingston, please contact me directly.

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All online sessions are held via Zoom videoconference and recorded so you can download and re-listen. In person sessions are audio-recorded. Please read my disclaimer and confidentiality policy here.

What people are saying about Kristine’s work…

“All the work we’ve done so far has shaken loose places where I’ve been stuck. The result has been a lot of taking care of business. It’s really good.”

– Kate E., United States

“Kristine explained what was relevant for me. It was incredible how much of the information she gave me resonated and explained what was going on for me. It felt like a container where I was seen on a deep level, questions answered and I really got to know myself better. Combining it with Compassion Key work helped me clear what was in the way of me embodying my True Nature and Purpose.”

— Marieke R., Netherlands

“Kristine is so intuitive and knowledgeable. I loved my Saturn reading, it gave me a depth of understanding and clarity on some things that had happened recently and how to navigate them moving forward.”

-Michelle R., U.K.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Compassion Key?

The Compassion Key is a process of guided self-directed compassion. By giving compassion to the parts of you carrying old wounds, beliefs, and survival stories, generated by traumatic events, you unlock the the hold they have on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. According to Edward Mannix, the founder of the method, the Compassion Key clears karmic imprints and distortions, and heals our inner child.

What happens in a Breakthrough session with Kristine?

Kristine will share some of the key themes of your natal astrology chart to help you understand where some of your blocks and challenges come from. Then, based on your desires and needs, Kristine will ask you to repeat specific phrases of compassion to yourself and/or wounded aspects of yourself. The session is interactive and focused on your priorities. A Breakthrough session generally lasts for about an hour.

How does the Compassion Key work?

There are several ways of looking at how the Compassion Key works. According to Edward Mannix, “the basic premise of this work is that not only our physical body but the entirety of our lived reality is either a true and accurate embodiment of our soul’s pure light projecting into form, or it is a distortion of that light created by karma/karmic imprints.”

From another perspective, by giving yourself the attention and compassion you did not receive at the time of a trauma, you clear the stuck, negative emotion associated with that trauma, as well as the beliefs and survival strategies you have used to protect yourself from the emotions of it.

We can also describe the Compassion Key as a way of cancelling out a particular negative energy frequency, like energy healing using words as the medium.

What can the Compassion Key help with?

In a word, everything. The Compassion Key works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels as they are all connected and interwoven. 

What kind of results can I expect from a Compassion Key session?

While there are never any guarantees from any healing work, people have reported significant improvements to every area of life, from health to relationships to finances. The results can be so fast and dramatic that they feel like miracles.