Soul Guidance Astrology

“Healing begins with embodiment of the soul”

~Marion Woodman, Author and Jungian analyst

Astrology has been in use around the world for thousands of years for many purposes, from agriculture to fortune-telling. In today’s world, astrology gives us access to our own wisdom, better understanding of ourselves, and perspective on our lives.

An astrology consultation is a way to make decisions and align your life with natural forces that are reflected within you.

Read a little more about how I came to this practical blend of art and science.

Soul Map
Soul Map Consultation – 75 minutes $130

The astrological birth chart is a map of the soul’s purpose and path in life. The elements of the chart represent patterns of energy within the individual as well as within the cosmos. Through specifics of the chart, we can get a sense of our highest intentions, our strengths, and our greatest potential for growth. A soul-map session can offer deep guidance for current life situations and personal development.

Moon Guidance Reading – 60 Minutes for $108

A Moon Guidance reading starts with the Moon’s placement in your birth chart. By starting with the Moon, we start with the past, with the soul’s journey into this lifetime. We’ll look at the sign, house placement, aspects, Moon phase, and position of the Lunar Nodes in the birth chart to get insight into the soul’s purpose in this lifetime. We’ll also review current events and their interaction with the Moon, as well as the Progressed Moon.

Moon Magic Reading – 40 Minutes for $78

Want to know how a particular New Moon or Full Moon is affecting you? In a Moon Magic reading we’ll look at the arena of your life the Moon is activating, and talk about ways to work with the Moon and what might be coming to light for the lunar cycle.

Sign up for the Moon Magic Series of 3 or 6 Moon Magic readings to follow through with intentions over several months.

Follow-up Reading (for returning clients only) – 45 minutes $85

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I have been using the Toltec I Ching since 2013 to provide intuitive depth and clarity in life situations. Divinations can help us gain greater illumination on a life situation or challenging decision. I particularly like this oracle because it blends powerful illustrations and archetypes drawn from indigenous Toltec traditions with the long-recognized wisdom inherent in the I Ching.  Cost: $75 

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Flower Essences

Iris beeFlower essences are the bio-energetic imprints of flowers stabilized in spring water. Because they are energetic in nature, flower essences are safe to use, with no side effects or interactions with other medicines. A flower essence consultation results in recommendations of one or more flower essences specific to your needs.   Cost: $50

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