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Soul Map
Soul Map Consultation – 75 minutes $175

  • Need insight into a life crossroads?
  • Affirmation and self-acceptance for your intrinsic, unique gifts and make-up?
  • Guidance and context for a decision?
  • Practical suggestions for supporting your health and well-being?

The astrological birth chart is a map of the soul’s purpose and path in life; the physical make-up and health potential; as well as the personality, psychology and emotional make-up.

Combined with timing techniques, a consultation offers perspective on current and upcoming life situations.

When you book your appointment, let me know if there are particular areas on which you would like to concentrate, whether it is health, relationships, career directions, or simply flowing more easily with the current energies at play.

You may also book a Soul Map session for a birthday (Solar Return) reading; for a couples consultation; or for specific questions and guidance. If you are booking for a couples readings, please make sure to include birth data for both people on the form.

Lifestyle as Medicine Consultation – 90 minutes $195

Do you want to learn how to choose foods and lifestyle practices that work best for your body and your life?

Traditional healing systems like Ayurveda recognize that each individual is a unique blend of the elements and forces of nature, and our diet and lifestyle support us best when we honor that uniqueness.

Learn how to make simple adjustments to balance your unique constitution and support your well-being through a personalized consultation. Cost includes a short follow-up session.

For in-person consultations in Livingston, please contact me directly.

New! Mini-Readings

Just want a quick take on a current situation, or how a New or Full Moon (or Eclipse) is playing out in your life?

In this 30 minute mini-consultation, get guidance on a specific question or event. $50 for 30 minutes.

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All online sessions are held via Zoom videoconference and recorded so you can download and re-listen. In person sessions are audio-recorded. Please read my disclaimer and confidentiality policy here.

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