Episode 1 of The Natural Wisdom Podcast

The first episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast is here! I’m releasing the video recording for all patrons this time, as well as the slides I used on the show – mostly just pretty pictures and a  quote.

The audio podcast will be available in the next couple of days on a number of podcast platforms for anyone who wants to listen. Encourage people you know who might be interested to check it out! The easiest place to find it is here: https://anchor.fm/natural-wisdom 

In this inaugural episode, I introduced myself and a little of how I got ‘here’, and the purpose of the show. I touched on a number of subjects that will be part of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, from Ayurveda to astrology. And we covered a few practical tips for aligning your lifestyle with Nature for greater health and well-being.

Thank you for supporting the podcast!

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