Message from the forest: Give up the struggle

My latest blog post recounts an insight offered during a quiet moment on the bank of a mountain stream. It is also a podcast episode for those who prefer to listen. Here’s how it starts:

“A few weeks ago, I took a short walk in the mountains and ended up on the bank of the creek, sitting on the roots of a big spruce tree. The challenges of the moment were on my mind and I wondered, as I often do, what I might be missing. As I sat quietly, I focused on nothing more than listening, not too hard to do when the music of the creek filled my ears. As the sounds shifted and flowed, sometimes emphasizing high melodies, at other moments deepening and gurgling, I closed my eyes and felt the weight of my body settle into the forest duff, felt the support of the Earth and the life all around me. After a few moments, a very specific thought clarified itself, almost like a gentle command: “Give up the struggle”.

I felt at once the meaning of the words, although I knew it would take some time for my mind to catch up with the understanding. It wasn’t a suggestion to just give up and stop trying, nor to give in to some notion of failure. I also knew this particular directive would be challenging for my personal make-up, no matter how well I came to understand it.”

Thanks for being here!


  1. Marion says:

    This is beautiful and feels deeply true to me as well. Need to spend more time with it. Thanks for sharing, Kristine — your work really helps me.

    1. kristineeb2013 says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Marion. I am happy to know the post resonated.

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