Karma in the natal chart – on The Natural Wisdom Podcast

Today’s episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast was a continuation of my exploration of karma, and I offered a short introduction to karma in the natal chart. Although all parts of the chart are indicators of karma, how we create it, and how we can unlock it, there are a couple of specific places to start. In addition to mentioning Pluto, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes, I introduced the four elements and their energy signatures.

I am putting together a series of offerings focused on karma this year. You can join me on June 24th for a free introductory class on Karma in the Chart. I will be following it up with a series of three classes on finding karmic signatures in your natal chart, and then an experiential course in the fall on Embodied Awakening through the integration of opposites.

Find the position of your Lunar Nodes here: https://cafeastrology.com/northnodetables.html

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