Scorpio Super-Moon – what will break free from our depths?

Scorpio Super-Moon – what will break free from our depths?

Monday’s Super Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio brings old and new tensions to a head. Scorpio, ruled by the animating force of Mars, is the symbol of the edge-walker and the sense of intimacy with life that comes only through awareness of death. Mars has just crossed into the Moon’s sign of Cancer, the Great Mother of creation, and the two bodies are working together from each other’s homes. But with Mars “out-of-bounds” and unpredictable, and Pluto – Underworld Lord  with a Scorpionic feel – standing still as it prepares to turn retrograde, there is a ferocity and obsessive quality in force as this Full Moon brings to light what has been hidden. 

The Scorpio Moon stands opposite the Sun and Uranus in earth sign Taurus. Radical, revolutionary Uranus exacerbates the unpredictable energy of Mars and Pluto, suggesting potential breakthroughs, break-outs, or breakdowns. These aspects alone point to a powerful time for breaking free from old patterns and restrictions, as well as a time of plumbing the depths of our own hearts and minds for what we are ready to release.

However, the Full Moon-Sun/Uranus opposition triggers the tense square angle between Uranus and Saturn in its home sign of Aquarius. We have felt the strain between these planets since the beginning of the year and perhaps most acutely at the U.S. inauguration. Uranus pulls us toward freedom and release, while Saturn constricts and restrains. The interplay between these forces continues through 2021, culminating on Christmas Eve, pointing to the continuation of eruptions of resistance to authority and control.

Uranus in Taurus is known for triggering earthquakes and volcanoes, break-throughs and eruptions in the Earth itself. As Taurus is associated with money, agriculture, food, and other forms of what is material, these breaks can come in the financial system, agriculture or food supply as well other material aspects of life. Crypto-currency, the current volatility of the stock markets, and lab-manufactured ‘food’ are all examples of revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. 

Yet another layer of meaning for this Saturn-Uranus square is the inherent conflict between old traditions (Saturn) and the revolutionary and new (Uranus). Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of health science right now, where the traditional story of germ theory is being tested and challenged by our growing knowledge of the microbiome. Conclusions drawn based on the new science, especially around the pandemic, have been ignored or suppressed as potentially contradicting the current response policies. Yet, without access to all the research, scientific rigor becomes mired in dogma.

These health policy conflicts are the tip of an iceberg: the question of what it means to be human, and what it means to be ‘natural’, and what role technology will play in our future. Will we continue to tinker and remodel ourselves as human beings by incorporating technology into our bodies?  Learn to see ourselves as an integral part of the natural world on our home planet and treat both accordingly? Or is there room for both, somehow?

With Saturn in Aquarius, the sign ruling science, this year’s conflict, suppression and disruptions indicated by the square to Uranus pave the way for Pluto’s entry into Aquarius in 2023-24. Just as Pluto in Capricorn has coincided with the transformation of institutions, governments, and other human traditions around the world, its entry into the sign of science, technology, and human wisdom promises death and rebirth in those areas of life over the next two decades.

The Full Moon may offer us a preview of the some of the paradigm shifts we are undergoing as a collective. It most certainly offers us the opportunity for our own personal breakthroughs. Where are we constricted by old rules or ideas? How do we integrate ourselves into Nature, and Nature into ourselves in our daily lives?

With three of the four fixed signs activated at this Full Moon, there is a feeling of a logjam waiting to break free. What is lacking is the fiery, creative expression of Leo. Each of us can fill in the missing energy by tapping into the blaze of our hearts, and expressing what we find there.

See what Monday night’s Full Moon brings to light for you, and how your heart wants to break free.

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  1. Jeranium says:

    Thank you, Kris! My Scorpio Super Moon is strutting her stuff!
    Rising to be released: anger, fear, hatred. As Paul Selig channeled, “you can not be the light if you hold another in darkness.” For myself and others I will pray to release these tonight with Grandmother Moon. Practicing forgiveness and gratitude all ways. Blessings, dear one.

    1. kristineeb2013 says:

      Those are wonderful things to release, and I certainly hope to do the same. Love and blessings to you, too.

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