Diet as Medicine online course


In this seven-week online course, learn how to choose lifestyle practices and foods to balance your unique constitution and support your radical well-being.

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When diet is poor, medicine is of no use. When diet is good, medicine is of no need.

Do you get confused by all the contradictory advice from ‘experts’ about what to eat?

Do you find that much of that same advice just does not work for you?

Do you want to learn how to choose foods and lifestyle practices that work best for your body and your life?

Our health is largely determined by our digestion. Nearly all disease originates from poor digestion, and we can address many common physical, mental and emotional complaints – from anxiety and depression to many chronic conditions, not to mention digestive problems – by adjusting our food and lifestyle choices. From what we eat, to how we breathe to exercise and sleep, there are simple changes we can make to move towards balance and wellness.

Traditional healing systems like Ayurveda recognize that each individual is a unique blend of the elements and forces of nature, and our diet and lifestyle support us best when we honor that uniqueness.

Ayurveda also recognizes our innate connection to nature’s cycles, and how to use them to support our own healing powers. We connect to these cycles through our diet, and in fact, traditionally, the word “diet” referred not just to the food we take in, but also our daily activities

Ayurveda – the science of life, longevity, and digestion – tells us how to protect and strengthen our digestion – and therefore our immunity, resilience, energy levels, and overall health by:

  • connecting our mealtimes to the Sun’s daily rhythms;
  • adjusting our diet to the Sun’s annual seasons;
  • harnessing the power of the breath to digest, detox, and manage our energy;
  • tailoring our food, sleep, and even how we do relationships to our individual body’s needs.

In this seven-week online course, learn how to choose lifestyle practices and foods to balance your unique constitution and support your well-being.

Through presentations, discussion, handouts and a variety of experiential practices, you will come away from this course with:

  • An understanding of your unique body type and potential imbalances;
  • Insight into common digestive complaints and how to work with them;
  • Ways to bring yourself back toward balance through food, breath, exercise, and more;
  • A menu of simple movement, pranayama (breath), and lifestyle practices to support your health;
  • Knowledge on how, when and why to choose and use supplements;
  • The ability to choose the best foods and recipes for the season, and your body based on the doshas and the six tastes;
  • Simple and gentle methods of releasing physical, mental and emotional toxins;
  • Practices for enhancing and protecting your energy.

Kristine will be joined by special guest Dr. Karen Stenseth, a naturopath in private practice who specializes in fatigue, depression, gut health, and hormonal balancing.

Cost includes:

Seven 75 minute classes, Wednesday evenings beginning May 5th at 4 p.m. Mountain. All classes will be held live via Zoom and recorded to watch again at your leisure.

Handouts and copies of slide presentations;

Online discussion group.

Register by April 25th to receive a free 30 minute personal consultation with Kristine!


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