Obstacles in front of us – writing studio prompts

Today, at the first quarter, or waxing half Moon, we talked about obstacles. The word comes from two root words meaning ‘to stand in front of’. Both the lunar first quarter phase as well as today’s conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Aquarius may bring the feeling of being blocked by obstacles. Mars, the planet of action, is slowed down and constrained by its contact with Saturn, which represents boundaries, constraints, and contraction.

Our first prompts today were these:

  • List some obstacles (or what appear to be obstacles) to yours or your character’s intentions and dreams
  • Describe the most difficult obstacle course you can imagine.

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Write of an obstacle you/your character overcame
  • Begin with this sentence: “I couldn’t go around so I had to go through.”
  • Tell the story of a canine agility event from the point of view of the dog!

Want to join us for April? The writing studio is scheduled to continue for four more weeks, Tuesdays at 3:30 pm Mountain/5:30 Eastern. After my short talk on astrology and how it might relate to our lives, we just write. You can find more information and register here: https://kristinebackes.com/weekly-astro-writing-salon/

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