Aries New Moon Writing Studio

Here is the latest set of prompts from the Writing Studio, formerly known as the Astro-writing Salon. The name change came in large part because I finally realized that a salon is where people read and share writing; a studio is where we create it!!! And now for the summary and the prompts:

We are at a time of new beginnings – of the month, of the Zodiac year, and of the rest of our lives, to use a cliche.

In today’s session, I went over the meaning of the New Moon as an initiation and a time to set intentions for the coming month and six months. In Aries, this lunation marks the beginning of the Zodiac year, and an extra-potent time for a new start. Aries carries the energy of spring – of coming into being; creating identity; self-assertion; and courage.

On a side note, I have changed the name of our series to the Writing Studio, after realizing that a salon is defined more as a place to read and share than it is to write together!

Our first prompts today were these:

  • List 2 or 3 stories about yourself or your character’s identity; i.e. I am strong/weak; I am kind/mean; I am rich/poor.
  • What new seeds are you planting?

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • In what area of my life am I called to play the heroine?
  • Begin with this sentence: “Now look at what you started!”

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