Weekly Astro-Writing Salon

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Do you love to write?

Do you want to be part of a community of creators who dedicate time together each week to create

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of the events in your life (or the lives of your characters) through astrology?

Astro-writing Salon

Our human lives are lived in cycles. From the daily cycles of the Sun to the longer rhythms of maturity, crisis, and transformation, astrology provides meaning and context to the events, both inner and outer, in our lives. Astrology helps us understand ourselves and our lives better.

A little Saturnian structure can go a long way to supporting our creative energy. My weekly astro-writing salon is designed to provide a container to help you – and me – find continuity, context, and community for our writing.

Astrology will give us the ‘doorways’ into our words.

The container of the salon will give us focus and support.

Each weekly salon will begin with a short talk on a topic of astrological cycles and how they relate to our lives. I will offer writing prompts as ways to enter into your writing, and we’ll write together for timed periods. We’ll leave time at the end for (always optional) sharing excerpts of our work and offering each other support. We’ll agree on guidelines for our community to ensure our confidence in the container of the salon. (Here are sample guidelines.) No astrology knowledge is needed!

We meet via Zoom video-conferencing; each session is ninety minutes to two hours in length. The astrology presentation and prompts at the beginning of the class are recorded and made available after each session. You also receive notes from the presentation as well as the prompts offered in the salon via e-mail.

A monthly payment of $75 includes the weekly Salon sessions plus the e-mailed summary of astrology insights and prompts.

Registration for this program is through my Patreon page or PayPal (see below) at either the $75 or $145 per month levels. If you sign up via Patreon, make a pledge at one of these two tiers on the page; you will be charged on the 1st of the month each month you are part of the Salon.

If you prefer to sign up via PayPal, use the button below for either the $75 Salon-only option, or the $145 Salon plus monthly reading option. Using the PayPal option commits you to three months of the Salon.

Want personal support? A monthly payment of $145 includes the Salon session, e-mailed summary of astrology insights and prompts, plus a 30 minute personal reading with me each month.

Just want the writing prompts and astrology talk? Become a Patron for as little as $2 per month.

Live Salon sessions are on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11: 30 MST beginning February 4th, 2020. Once you register you’ll receive the link for the next call.

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