Passion to heal

Today I am sharing with you a project very close to my heart. The woman in the video above, Karen, is a friend, sister yoga teacher, and naturopathic physician in my little community. We have teamed up to create the proposal described in the video: to offer wellness and healing to the people in our community who help the most troubled and disadvantaged. We are proposing to heal the healers, the “hidden heroes” among us, from the staff at the homeless shelter, to children’s advocates, to health-care providers, and anyone else at risk of compassion fatigue, burnout, and overwhelm as they help others.

In this case, Karen and I have teamed up with a local non-profit to request a grant from a large foundation operating in our area. She and I have offered a smaller version of our education and practice program before to a local community health non-profit, as well as a couple of afternoon workshops. 

I am excited at the prospect of sharing wellness with my community, of helping people connect body, mind and soul to stay whole and healthy, and to feel supported.  We will find out very soon if we are to receive the funding we requested – I’ll keep you posted, of course.

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