The birth of desire

I’ve published two installments of my piece “The death of control” to date: and I’ve been sitting with the next phase of this piece for some time, not finding the time to write, not knowing how it ends, or even if it ends. Today I made time to just sit still in the silent presence of these mountains. It was just warm enough to find a snow-free rock as a perch and eat my lunch, and simply listen to the silence.

The longer I sat, the more I felt like myself, the more my own quiet, solid presence returned. I thought about many things; I thought about nothing; I just sat for at least an hour on these rocks, and then even longer in the open back of the car, just watching and listening. This stillness and “doing nothing” is what is required, for me at least, in order to write. Days to myself are few and far between at the moment – my excuse for posting so irregularly.

I’ve also been struggling to know how to continue and, eventually, finish my piece on losing my grip on my finances, hitting what feels like the ‘bottom’ and – what I hope for, of course – finally finding solid ground again. Today, the hints and glimpses into how this story ‘ends’ coalesced into a theme I have been working with recently: The birth (or perhaps re-birth) of desire. Change begins with desire; creating begins with desire; reality begins with the desire for it. 

This is the seed of the next installment of the story. You’ll be the first to know when I have something ready to share.

As always, thanks for being here; thanks for the support; thanks for the encouragement of your presence.



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