My personal and professional work have been heavily focused on (to borrow from a favorite flick) unplugging from the ‘matrix’ of cultural beliefs that have had me tied up in stress knots for a very long time. Taking the red pill was only the first step; it takes time and attention to see through how we are programmed.
Every once in a while, there is affirmation from an unlikely source – Western science. This is the best source I know of at the moment.

There is an immense amount of radical, revolutionary, counter-culture, compassionate wisdom in this book. Dr. Martinez researches the effects of our personal and cultural beliefs on our health, longevity and success – and demonstrates things such as “longevity is learned” and “we inherit the causes of health”.
There is damned good reason not to believe what we are told; to trust our own knowing; to listen to our bodies; to take back our power over our own healing and prosperity, not to mention our ideas of what it means to live over time!
According to current astro-weather, it is a good time to break out of the old cultural mindset that keeps us from trusting our own inner authority, to stop doing what we are told we ‘should’ or being who and what and how we are told we are. It is nice to have a researcher in our corner!

I have practiced along the lines of what Martinez lays out with respect to my health for some years now – and feel better and stronger than I did at a much younger age. I have also found application in how I approach ‘success’ – financial and otherwise. I’ve been fortunate to have a strong internal compass (when I listen) and BS detector; plus I’m more stubborn and rebellious than I cared to admit in the past. These qualities aren’t always virtues, but they have helped me escape from some of the limitations of our current world.

More soon………! As always, thank you for being here.


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