In the past week or two, I’ve been moved to tears a couple of times by feeling the disconnection with our bodies so prevalent in our culture. We don’t know that we are nature, walking around. We don’t know that food is a sacrament, of the Earth. That when we eat, we are partaking of our Mother, and transforming Her body into our own. 

On a more practical level, we don’t know that digestion is the underpinning of health – both physical and emotional! 

I’ve posted updates in the past few months that promise stories of India, or Part 3 of “The Death of Control”, etc. The truth is that the continued effort to support myself, with your help and generous support from other friends and family, has been all-consuming most of the time. So, writing is sporadic, even as the ideas continue to press themselves forward, wanting to spill out. 

This morning I pulled out an unpublished piece and put it up on my blog, calling it ‘good enough’ even though part of me wanted to re-write, edit, clarify, adjust.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. It also helps me when you share my work, if you feel so moved.

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