Shell Mountain

Since I was a little girl, the mountains have been my source of stability. Growing up as a child of the military, the ground beneath my feet was constantly shifting as we moved from one place to the other every couple of years. The one constant was our annual visits to the mountains of Montana, where we eventually ended up with a small piece of land and a cabin.

Offering this mountain energy to others is one of my gifts according to clients, friends and acquaintances. But each of us has the ability to access it ourselves. In healing traditions such as Ayurveda, we each contain all five elements, including that of earth. The earth element shows up as structure, stability, a sense of being grounded. We nourish this element through walks in nature, meditation, and the way we care for our bodies.The simplest way to build this sense of stability in ourselves is to be still and feel our physical connection with the ground.

Helping you find this sense of stability is a key focus of my work. Schedule a free 20 minute introductory session to get acquainted, and you will learn at least one practice to build the strength of the mountains in yourself.

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