Heal your birth with Charlotte Kanyi

Charlotte Kanyi helps women choose their birth experience, and all people heal trauma around their own birth. ‘Birth and the first hours immediately after are a potent time for imprinting.’ On The Natural Wisdom Podcast.

Come back to your senses: Taurus New Moon

Embodiment. Incarnation. Energy solidifying into form. The newly planted seeds of the Aries cycle now ending are putting roots into the Earth and mass on their new shoots.  The Taurus New Moon initiates a new cycle on Tuesday, May 15th, 5:48 a.m. MDT at 24 degrees Taurus. Just past is the cross-quarter holiday of BeltaneContinue reading “Come back to your senses: Taurus New Moon”

Commit to your soul’s path at the Capricorn New Moon

Capricorn, the sea-goat, is depicted as a watery, spiritual creature of the sea transitioning to an earthbound, mountain climbing goat. Capricorn, associated with the feminine wisdom of the grandmothers, spurs us to make concrete the desires of the soul. It’s highest expression is manifesting spirit into form. As a cardinal sign, Capricorn marks the beginningContinue reading “Commit to your soul’s path at the Capricorn New Moon”