Saturn: Friend or Foe??


Saturn: Friend or Foe?

Saturn, the great malefic, according to traditional astrology.

But is the ringed planet really so awful?

Saturn’s archetypes range from the grim reaper to the Lord of Karma to Father Time. Yet, Saturn guides our process of maturation and offers integrity. Saturn is the great teacher.

In this two-hour pre-recorded workshop, Kristine takes an in-depth look at the mythology, astronomy, psychology and astrological wisdom of Saturn. Sample charts are included to see real-life examples of Saturn at work.

You don’t need to know astrology to benefit from understanding Saturn. If you are nearing a Saturn return, which happens around the ages of 29 and 58, or Saturn is contacting a sensitive part of your birth chart, you may be feeling Saturn more personally. However, in the time of pandemic, social distancing and isolation, all of us are within Saturn’s reach.

After completing your purchase, you’ll be directed to a class page containing recordings and a pdf copy of the slides. Class recorded on May 9, 2020.

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