Purging karma and reclaiming power: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily

Astrologer, writer and sister podcaster Emily Trinkaus was my guest on The Natural Wisdom Podcast just hours after the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. We talked about purging old karma, reclaiming our authentic power, and the dire need to fully occupy our human bodies. 

I told my eclipse story of a deep realization about the true nature of receiving, and how I have spent most of my life not understanding it is possible to receive unconditionally. I hope it is revelatory for you, too, as it was for some of our live listeners. This conversation sparked a lively, authentic conversation about money, giving and receiving and more with the live audience.

I decided, too, to release the video recording of this podcast to the public. Please share with anyone you think might enjoy it!  The direct podcast episode link is here: https://anchor.fm/natural-wisdom/episodes/Video-version-Purging-karma-and-reclaiming-power-Cosmic-Wisdom-with-Kristine-and-Emily-e1ik5o5 

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Learn more about Emily and her offerings here: https://embodiedaquarian.com 

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