A journey of power

This Saturday, I will be telling the story of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. This story of a queen’s journey to the Underworld mirrors almost exactly the travel of Venus in her 19 month cycle. The Queen of Heaven corresponds to Venus as the morning star, where she emerged only days ago. The Queen of Heaven and Earth reflects Venus after her Underworld death and subsequent resurrection as an evening star, which occurs at the end of 2022.

This is the quintessential heroine’s journey, in which our queen is stripped of her power, sent naked into the ‘place below’, and subsequently reclaims a more authentic and mature form of sovereignty and authority when she once again ascends to her throne. In this ancient Sumerian myth, Inanna passes through seven gates on her descent, removing her trappings of power as she goes. In the sky, Venus passes through seven conjunctions with the Moon as she descends to meet the Sun. 

We will follow Venus through her travels this year on the podcast, reclaiming our natural wisdom and sovereignty as we go. Since the current incarnation of Venus began in Capricorn (material success and achievement) and alongside Pluto (Underworld god(dess) of power and wealth), these themes are carried throughout the cycle, and we’ll weave them throughout the story as we go.

I’ll post the link for patrons the day before we meet. I hope to see you Saturday at 10 am Mountain/Noon Eastern! The video will be available shortly afterward, and the audio will be up on The Natural Wisdom Podcast that afternoon. 

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