The journey of Venus and the Goddess Inanna

On today’s episode of the podcast, I told the ancient story of the Goddess Inanna as it relates to the journey of Venus through her 19 month synodic cycle. This particular Venus cycle, flavored by its initiation in Capricorn with a conjunct to Pluto offers us an opportunity to reclaim our authentic power and natural wisdom. We’ll do it together as we meet around the time of each of Venus/Inanna’s descent through one of the gates of the Underworld. The first is on January 29th at 11 degrees Capricorn. If you know where that falls in your chart, you can determine the area of your life in which you are asked to relinquish the authority coming from outside you.

You can listen to the episode audio on The Natural Wisdom Podcast here: 

Here are the slides I used in the telling: 

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