Turn fear into fuel with The Natural Wisdom Podcast

In last evening’s interview with friend and healer Belinda Noakes we touched on some of the ways we learn to stop trusting ourselves; why we both found corporate work to be so healthy; and the power to transmute energy. I was the guinea pig for a live session of Belinda’s work using a technique called Non-Personal Awareness, focusing on the still-present fear of future lack (sound familiar to anyone else?). 

I would love your feedback on this (and any other!) episode. Belinda and I are thinking of doing regular work based on the collective energies and themes of the moment. I hope for the podcast to be helpful to people who want to move more from love than fear, and reclaim their natural wisdom!

You can watch the video, or else listen here: https://anchor.fm/natural-wisdom/episodes/Turn-fear-into-fuel-with-Belinda-Noakes-e1cu7mg 

Thank you for your patronage!

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