Connect with beauty and mystery today on the Pisces Full Moon

Feeling a lot? We have a Full Moon in Pisces today, and it is a sensitive one. Between the season change (Equinox on Wednesday), the incredibly divisive atmosphere as we all try to care for ourselves in a difficult time, and the amplification of a big, bright Moon pulling on our emotions and bodies, this is a critical time to be gentle with ourselves and everyone else.

Maybe just for today, we can lighten up a bit by ignoring most of social media, eating a little less, resting a little more, maybe clearing out one tiny corner of a desk or room to make some visual space, admiring something (or someone) beautiful, or listening to some beautiful music. It is a great Full Moon for clearing out old baggage of all sorts – physical, psychic, emotional, etc.

Pisces symbolizes the great mystery behind what’s visible. Any kind of meditation or spiritual practice is especially nourishing and powerful, and will perhaps help us remember we are part of a great, perfect world.

Wishing you all an easeful day filled with knowledge of being love(d).

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