Episode 3: Interview with astrologer and healer Emily Trinkaus

In this third live episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, it was my pleasure and honor to interview astrologer, writer, teacher, healer Emily Trinkaus. We covered a lot of ground, including astrology as a healing art; practical suggestions for getting started with – or deepening your connection with – astrology; astrology as a way of connecting with natural cycles; and a brief foray into current astrological energies and how they are playing out in our lives. 

Emily will be a regular guest on the podcast, and later this year we’ll cover some major shifts in the astro-weather, and take a peek into 2022.

Here are links to some of the programs we mentioned on the show:

Emily’s Lunar Attunement subscription; join her e-mail list to be notified of individual New and Full Moon updates, available in the gift.

Kristine’s Fall Reset for body and mind, a gentle cleanse process to help your body adjust to the change of seasons.

Here is the link to the podcast itself. 

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