Summer in Montana

Summer in Montana. It’s short, intense, and always seems to proceed at a breakneck pace. Despite my good intentions of publishing more podcasts more often, it has been a couple of weeks, which seemed to flash by in an instant. Visiting family and friends, more social activity, and the responsibilities of being a landowner have demanded attention.

The photos above show what it looks like to catch up on fence maintenance in the mountains. Some of the wire has been down on the ground so long that the trees putting it there have rotted on top of it.  The furry crew member belongs to my fence-building partner, and she brings down our average worker age considerably.

The next scheduled podcast episode is on September 18th. I will be interviewing astrologer Emily Trinkaus about the wonders of astrology, her take on current events, and practical ways to incorporate astrology into our lives. If you have questions or topics you want us to discuss, please let me know!

Then, on October 16th, spiritual herbalist Angela Segraves joins me on the podcast to talk about plants, perhaps in ways that will be new to many of you. I hope to explore many different methods of incorporating plants and plant medicines into our lives, as well as perhaps help us all deepen our respect for the plant kingdom and its contributions to our lives. 

In addition to the podcast, I am busy putting together a schedule of classes for the fall, including a reprise of my astrology chart interpretation class, plus a workshop or two on lifestyle as medicine based in Ayurveda. 

And those of you who remember the grant-funded wellness program of a couple of years ago – it continues!  My naturopath teaching partner and I have been trying to navigate the  pandemic waters, first turning to online workshops and now bringing people together again to learn how to stay well in a crazy world. We have several workshops planned here in Livingston for the fall, and perhaps even a retreat to cover our favorite topics of gut health, immunity, breathing practices and more. 

Stay tuned for updates, as well as a couple more planetary ‘meditations’ on the podcast. I’ll also post a class schedule soon – $8 patrons receive a 10% discount on classes and consultations in addition to your access to the live podcasts.

I hope to see some of you on the 18th, or in a class or consultation. Meanwhile – thanks for being here!

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