Message from the Forest

Message from the forest: Give up the struggle! A few weeks ago, I took a short walk in the mountains and ended up on the bank of the creek, sitting on the roots of a big spruce tree. The challenges of the moment were on my mind and I wondered, as I often do, whatContinue reading “Message from the Forest”

Summer in Montana

Summer in Montana. It’s short, intense, and always seems to proceed at a breakneck pace. Despite my good intentions of publishing more podcasts more often, it has been a couple of weeks, which seemed to flash by in an instant. Visiting family and friends, more social activity, and the responsibilities of being a landowner haveContinue reading “Summer in Montana”

A merry Capricorn Christmas

“You are tough!” said the woman admiringly. She was riding in the pickup full of a neighbor and his family, another truck behind them, both chained up on all four wheels. They were coming out and I was going in, my chains in the form of snowshoes; my extra clothes, journals and food for theContinue reading “A merry Capricorn Christmas”