Earth my body, water my blood…..

The Moon entered Capricorn yesterday, and today encounters the  heavy-weight planets lined up in this sign of maturity, wisdom, and the  Earth’s bounty. The Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn anchor  one of the three signs of a ‘grand Earth trine’. Uranus in Taurus and,  for the next week, Venus in Virgo complete the triangle. This trio of  activated earth signs gives us a place to rest amidst all the swirling  mutable energy. And with Mercury (communication and perception) still  opposing Uranus (sudden breakthroughs, insights, reversals), the feeling  of life moving at warp speed has not abated.

Our prompts for the short writing session was this:

  • Describe the sense of being ‘grounded’;

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Choose one of the quotes in the photo above as your starting point; or
  • Write a love letter to the Earth – or your own body.

For those following these writing prompts, I am in the midst of sorting out whether and how to keep going with the Writing Studio. If you would be interested in participating if it were held on a weekend, please let me know, and that will help me decide!!

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