From the last writing studio of 2020

Dear Patrons,

Yesterday was our last session of the Writing Studio for 2020. I am so  grateful to have spent time writing with this small group these past months. It seems fitting to be letting go of this offering – for now – at one of the most interesting Full Moons of the year, and as one Solar year ends, at least according to the Celts. 

If you have found these weekly musings and prompts useful, please let me know! 

We ended  as the Moon is growing to fullness in what promises to be one of the  more electrifying Full Moons of the year. The Taurus Full Moon falls on  Halloween, as it does every 19 years. What is different this year,  however, is that the Moon is exactly conjunct (together with) the “Great  Awakener”, Uranus. With its significations of sudden reversals;  shocking events; and the yearning for liberation, Uranus brings a  radical quality to this lunation.

Halloween is the holiday overlaid on the ancient holy day of Samhain. In  ancient Celtic culture, this day marked the turning of light to dark in  the Sun’s annual cycle, and was a time of honoring our ancestors. The  photo above is of a burial mound – or ‘passage tomb – in Ireland, on the Hill of Tara.

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:

  • Write of shocking news, real or imagined; or
  • List some guilty pleasures.

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Tell a story of, or write a letter to an ancestor; or
  • Write about what you are letting go of at this Full Moon.

If you have suggestions or ideas for how I might proceed with another Writing Studio, let me know!

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