Equanimity and balance at the tipping point

We met yesterday as the Moon entering Capricorn squared the Sun in Libra,  less than a day after the Autumnal Equinox. The Equinox – or “equal  night” – is the day when the Sun reaches 0 degree of Libra, and days and  nights are of equal length. This moment of balance is the tipping point  into the progressively shorter days and greater darkness through the  autumn.
On the planetary front, we looked at a ‘T-square’ arrangement between  Mercury in Libra opposite Mars in Aries and both squared by Saturn in  Capricorn. With three of four cardinal signs activated, we are missing  the soothing presence of Cancer. The three planets in their angles to  each other seem to me like a challenge to put our perceptions to the  test, perhaps even showing us places where we are overly critical,  especially of ourselves.

Libra,  signified by the only object in the Zodiac – the scales – represents  balance and harmony. A wonderful descriptor for this sign comes to us  from the Yoga Sutras as well as Buddhist teachings: equanimity.  Equanimity, from two root words meaning “evenness” and “mind” or  “Spirit” is one of the divine qualities (Brahmaviharas). Each of these  qualities has a ‘near enemy’, or toxic mimic, and a ‘far enemy’ which is  its opposite. In the case of equanimity, the near enemy is indifference  or detachment. Rather than not caring, equanimity is the state of  staying centered even in pain or difficulty. Its far enemy is grasping  and judgment, and trying to hold onto what we like while pushing away  what we don’t like.

Our prompt for the short writing session was this:  

  • List some joys of autumn!

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:   

  • How do you find equanimity and balance? or
  • Start with “when I reach my tipping point…”

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