Venus beauty to tame the fires of Mars

The Moon is Full in the Mars-ruled sign of Aries tomorrow, Thursday,  October 1st. Opposite the Sun in Libra, this Full Moon activates the  axis of self and other, of ‘selfishness’ and relationship. Mars  represents the fiery, masculine energy of desire and self-assertion, and  is in a supportive angle with Venus, ruler of Libra, who brings a  joyful sense of beauty to tame the heat of Mars.

The Full Moon is very close to Chiron, the centaur (half human and half  horse) archetype of the ‘wounded healer’. As the master healer who could  not heal his own wounds, Chiron shows us how our pain is the path to  compassion and helping others. In this Full Moon, Chiron can help us see  selfishness and desire as essential parts of us. As Kasia Urbaniak  teaches, “you have no say in what you want”.

Our prompt for the short writing session was this:  

  • Describe selfishness as you learned it, and how it might be used consciously; or
  • What do you want that you are afraid to want?

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:   

  • Start with the Botticelli painting of Venus and Mars, above; or
  • Write of something beautiful.

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