Where attention goes, energy flows…

The Moon and Sun come together for the Virgo New Moon early tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Virgo signifies discernment, perfecting, service, and health. Perhaps most of all, Virgo points us to our embodied humanity.

There are a couple of other major energies at play (as always!), one that destabilizes and one that offers us the chance to get grounded. First, all four mutable signs – Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius – are activated with this New Moon, in a mutable ‘grand cross’, creating an atmosphere of restlessness, uncertainty, and fast change. It may be challenging to respond! But offering us some stability is a ‘grand trine’ of all three earth signs working together – Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. The earth trio offer the chance to take small, concrete steps with big results over the whole Virgo New Moon cycle.
Here is a visual of the chart of the Virgo New Moon:

Last, we talked about Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, and its signification of attention. Our attention is a form of love, and where our attention goes, our creative energy goes.

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:

  • List a couple of new potential daily activities or practices to ‘improve’ your health; or
  • Think of someone you admire – what simple human trait do you appreciate in that person?

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Where attention goes, energy flows…. or
  • If attention is love, what do find you love?

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