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What a great month for our writing! Who knew that Saturn could be such a source of inspiration? 

Today I got my Gemini on and, after sorting through technical difficulties, talked quite a bit about Friday’s New Moon in Gemini, and this year of being stuck in between the old, crumbling reality and our new, Aquarian vision. 

We begin again next Tuesday, June 2nd, and there is space for a few more people looking for inspiration to join us! I’m sharing today’s recordings in addition to the prompts to offer another taste of our Studio. Learn more here:

Our prompts for today’s short writing session were these:

  • Write of a time when you or your character took three steps forward and two steps back; or
  • Name some experiences that go up and down or back and forth!

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Write of an ‘in-between’ time in your life or the life of your character; or
  • Imagine yourself as the ‘crone’, in your third Saturn cycle of life, and write a letter of wisdom, guidance and compassion to your current self.

Here is the video recording link for today’s Salon session:

And the audio recording if you prefer:

Sign up here to join us. Know someone else who might be interested in joining us? Share the link with them

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