Astrology writing prompt Week 1

We had our first session of the Astro-writing Salon yesterday, and it felt wonderful to write in community again! I was able to to get going on a piece I have wanted to start for months – the third installment of my “Death of Control” series (you can read Part 1 and Part 2 here on Patreon).

Here is a summary of the astrology talk and writing prompts we used:

The astrology subject I discussed in our first session was the January 12th, 2020 conjunction between two astrological heavyweights: Saturn and Pluto. These two planets meet approximately every 35 years, but have not met in the sign of Capricorn in the company of Jupiter and a couple of other planets and points since the year 1284. Together, the two planets accompany big shifts in the balance of power in particular areas of life. In 1983, the conjunction was in Libra, the sign of relationship. We have seen big upheavals in how we claim personal power in our relationships since that time, notably in the coming to light – and redressing – of a variety of abuse scandals. Plus, gay marriage finally won legalization. 

With this year’s conjunction in Capricorn, the sign of tradition, culture, and institutions, we are redefining power itself; learning (one can hope!) the difference between power and control; and discovering how true power can come from true love instead of fear. 

For our prompts, we started with a list of words for each planet and played with possible combinations.

Saturn: dedication, commitment, crystallization, manifestation, structure, boundaries, responsibility, and integrity.
Pluto: transformation, Life Force, destruction and rebirth, regeneration, “the death of control”, obsession.
Both planets are associated with fear, both have both a constructive and a destructive expression.

The other prompts were along these lines:
Write about your experience or perception of the power over versus the power to, or power of, or power for. 

Or, start your writing with this sentence: “In that moment, the balance of power shifted.”

I am keeping registration for the Salon open for the time being in case anyone else wants to join us. I will post the prompts each week for all patrons!

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