Astro-writing Studio preview

Here is the preview session for the Astro-writing Studio. Forgive the choppy video editing, please!

The astrology subject I chose for the session was this week’s square between Mars in Sagittarius and the combination of Venus and Neptune in Pisces. I talked about desire (Mars) versus gratitude (Venus and Neptune); what we want at an instinctual, human level versus our spiritual desires; and the conflict between action and going with the flow. The chart I used is attached.

We did two timed writing sessions, the first just 8 minutes and the second a half hour. Here are the prompts used for both:

  • What does my Soul say about my instinctive, human desires?
  • What do I really value at my gut level?
  • Think of a time in my life when it felt like taking action was in conflict with ‘going with the flow’. The first sentence might begin like this: “When I decided to go with the flow…..”
  • When was there a time in my life to be angry, and what was the hidden desire underneath? 

I wrote about anger, among other things. Here is an excerpt:

“I woke in a rage the other day, not a usual occurrence for me. In fact, anger has been one of the hardest emotions for me to access, since childhood. It has been covered up with ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’.

So, I’m on my way to writing – and sharing – what has been waiting to run out onto the page.

If you are interested in joining me, learn more (and sign up) here:

You can also sign up right through Patreon using the $75 or $145 tiers.

Whether you register for the Salon or not, I’ll be sharing prompts and occasional recordings for all my patrons. 

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