Writing Mercury (Writing Studio week 2)

Today marked week 2 of the Astro-writing Studio. With Mercury, planet of mind, perception, and communication about to turn retrograde, I focused on that. Here is an excerpt from the morning session:

Today’s subject was Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods. This speedy little planet is preparing for the first of its three annual retrograde periods, this time in the sign of Pisces, the fishes, associated with the unconscious, “the Force”, that level of being where we are all connected. The themes I mentioned on today’s call ranged from Mercury’s association with the element of air, and thus our breath and even life force itself; to our ability to see and then see again as we see something we thought we knew with fresh eyes.

The prompts I suggested went along these lines:
Perhaps this retrograde in dreamy Pisces will resurrect a forgotten dream: what might that be?

Thoughts become words, and words become deeds; deeds become destiny. What thoughts are you noticing these days?

Start with this sentence: “When I woke from the dream, the confusion was gone and I finally saw clearly……”

You can still join us if you want community in which to write, and insights through astrology!

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