Change and an update

I’ve been messing around with my goals lately, adding and then deleting an intermediate goal as $2000 per month seems a long ways off….. However, I had a revelation recently about ways I keep myself in poverty (yep – I’m there at the moment!). For instance, not setting high enough goals! So, the $2000 target stays in place.

And, when (!) I reach that goal, I will spend more time on my writing and you will reap the benefit of it. It’s not that I’m not writing now – it’s that most of my writing is going into creating business offerings, my monthly New Moon post, website descriptions. I am in the midst of a flurry of activity creating and marketing my offerings as a soul guide and astrologer. 

When I wake up in the morning, after a few moments contemplating the joy of being alive, my mind starts coming with ideas: how to automate some little part of my offerings; another kind of class; another kind of astrology reading; another idea for a story…

I am determined to create an income for myself that gets me past wondering how I will pay bills every month. I am good at what I do; the feedback I receive is validating; my clients receive perspective and affirmation through their time with me; my classes are accessible and informative; my writing is useful. 

For now, I am concentrating on building and refining the online business, with writing fitting in to that. My great desire is to bring more balance to the equation and spend more time on my stories. Next up is finishing a story about my first foray into shamanism with a little bear (and a big bear) on the family land. You’ll enjoy it, I believe, when I get it up here for you.

One more thing… I am considering changing up the rewards I have listed: I’d like to do away with most of the various levels and just leave it up to you to choose an amount. I would share my writing with all of you, do occasional Q and A calls for everyone, and offer discounts on my online classes. What do you think??

*******A request to patrons (if you’ve read this far!!)******

 Please click through to the Patreon page to comment or click on the little heart if you want to let me know you’ve read it; it helps me know you’re out there and your presence gives me inspiration and accountability.

If you feel moved, I would be honored for you to share my Patreon page with friends or anyone else you believe might be interested in what I create.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here!

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